Sunday, December 04, 2005

Two Weeks Before The Big Day!

Am surpisingly not yet in the panic mode. Must be the fruit of a year & a month of early planning. I still have a lot to do, but mostly finishing touches nalang. A few more phone calls to complete the necessary things to do & I am actually done.
Here are my minor concerns:

guest sheets (for printing na lang)
misalette (will print this myself & wait for Jaja's cover)
finalize booking on indoor fireworks & other effects
finish list of On The Day Task delegation

will have my first bridal shower this afternoon hosted by my BLD Singles friends :-)
looking forward to it. ta, tah!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

all set & ready to wed...well, almost (Day 2)

The only unfortunate thing about this day is that we were not able to hear mass. It's Sunday raba :-(

Our first agenda is to drop off the package Ate Dul has for her balikbayan Ninang in Private. As she was not there, we just left the box with the person who answered their door. And we went to Marlon's place na to prepare the stuffs we have to leave w/ Kaye's - candle stands, ribbons, etc.

After dropping off these stuffs at Kaye's, we again went back to SM. Had a hearty lunch at Barrio Fiesta and continued to buy the stuffs that we needed.
Bought the sweatshirt I need at Kamiseta & the white jogging pants @ USA Sports. Now I can make na my "Bride" get-up while being made up. Was able to buy cufflinks for Marlon too.

Then at around 2:30pm, we met w/ X-Jay at Bo's for the icing needs. I gave him a check for the rest of the cake materials. Now all I have to do is place the order for the gumpaste icing & I will have na my dream castle cake. Yahoo!

When we finished w/ the meeting w/ X-Jay, we checked out the plastic flowers at SM Dept Store but the ones we needed were no longer sold there. We transferred to Ayala to purchase JCA's pizza for pasalubong & at the same time check on the plastic flowers there too. Unfortunately, wa gihapon. Haay, I just hope I can buy it here in CDO.

That's all I have accomplished during the past week-end in Cebu. I am giving myself around 7-10 days more to get everything done & I'll be ready to take my much-needed relaxation na. Cant wait for the spa sessions. I already had David's session on my agenda this Sunday.

It's getting near!!!!

all set & ready to wed... well, almost :-)

When we reached Cebu last Sat., the first thing we did was to see Father Chuang at Sacred Heart for our canonical interview. It lasted barely 20 mins. We were made to answer a few questions related to our religion & family background. As he is pure Chinese, he speaks in an oh so familiar Chinese accent. He counseled us about being missionaries of the faith & being good examples as citizens of God. He urged us to touch peoples lives & to try to preach the gospel wherever we may be. I can sense that he is a very dedicated priest.

Next stop, we dropped the pastels at Ryan's shop, which we contributed to the DW party. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend it as meetings with suppliers became a priority. While we were there, we had the CD of instrumental songs burned so we can give a sample to our hired string performers. From there, we walked to the stall of Dragon Fireworks. But the owner was not there. Also, the one tending the store coudn't give us a sample of what we need - the remote controlled indoor fireworks. *Sigh* sayang ang time.

So we proceeded to SM nalang. By now, we are both very hungry na. The time being past 11am na. Luckily, we were escorted immediately to an empty table in our fave Chinese resto-Harbour City. After a fast lunch break, we then roamed the mall for our wedding needs. I was able to buy a lovely tiara for myself at the Italina's stall. And the other hair accessories for my Siobe Grace (my Matron of Honor), my cousin Chen (my Maid of Honor), Gianne (my Angel of Honor), bridesmaids & Jr. bridesmaids at Carolina's. But I failed to look for appropriate ribbons for the entourage's flowers. I desperately tried on a 34B & 34A Maidenform bodysuit. Hah! it's no use, i was not able to fit into any of the 3 or 4 designs I have chosen. The salelady informed me that I may be a size 32A. Eow! But that didn't dampen my spirits, I transferred to Ayala (all by myself as Marlon is too tired by this time to accompany me)& got the perfect Maidenform bodysuit ON SALE!!! Whoa! God's great... A few body shop purchases later, I am ready to go na.

Jude still has some clients when we walked in. In fact, he attended to my Tita Alice first (& 1 more client) before he made me fit my gown. But the wait is well worth it. After all, Tita Alice was there for a dress she's gonna wear to my wedding. hehe And the other client he had before me was a former officemate at Metrobank. I really love Cebu, I know everyone. hehe. Now, when I got into my altar date dress, I coudn't help but feel happy! It's very beautifully done. The beadwork on the lace was very dainty that Jude decided (& I agreed) that we wont cover the lace fabric with gazar cloth anymore bec. it's sayang. My only regret is that I wont be able to wear the exact dress he sketched. Though I know this will be a better one.
The lenght of the dress was adjusted after I've put on my shoes. Jude then told me that he doesn't like to finish my dress yet bec. I am still travelling & he has some superstitions. So the next time I'll see it will be on the 14th of Dec. na. Whew! I can hardly wait!!!
Marlon was also made to fit his suit. The coat is a bit too tight but the pants waist is big. Necessary adjustments were made also for the lenght of the coat.
Chen met us there bec she also fitted the lining of her dress.

After which, all 3 of us went to Abellana to get the suggested repertoire from the teacher who will be performing at my wedding. And we also gave our 1st dance music.

We then met Yoyong at Waterfront. While waiting for him, we had our room bookings confirmed and was able to roam through Duty Free pa to check on appropriate perfumes to wear on the big day. When Yoyong came, I left him a check for the bridal car & the invites for a relative & their family. We invited him to dinner at Grand Con but he declined saying he has to attend to some matters as most of the Ad Congress delegates checked in at Waterfront.

As part of the package, Ms. Edna allowed us food tasting at Grand Con. Mama Grace, Papa Bito, Chen & Ryan joined us. We were able to sample the dish we will be serving on our wedding banquet. The cold prawn salad is mouth-watering. Marlon enjoyed the lechon de leche, as expected. Only the steamed fish fillet with ham & vegetable did not pass his palate. He finds it not suitable to his taste so we decided to have it changed to fried fish fillet in soy sauce. After discussing a few more concerns such as dance floor, ice carving & a few more, we were able to close the deal at around 10pm.

I had been texting Arlene (of Kaye's Flower Shop) earlier to confirm our meeting but she didn't reply so I thought it's too late na to drop by her place. Sayang, she was there pa diay ta til 11pm.

Because Nolvin had not been feeling well the past few days & Gianne had cough also, Grace was not able to meet us at all so we decided to visit her in her place instead of attending the DW party. Any time with Gianne is always bliss. I cant get over how adorable this niece of mine is turning out to be. She's really a sweetheart! I got her a red Oshkosh dress & a Guess maong wear which I hope will fit her. We didn't stay long at their place coz by this time we are all sooo tired after a very long day.

stranded in a boat

To conclude our very hectic wedding preps trip in Cebu, the boat which we boarded on the way home to CDO got stranded somewhere near the vicinity of Bohol. While it was declared by the crew as engine trouble, Marlon & I couldn't help but fear. As there is an old belief that couples about to be wed are prone to accidents or dangers. We couldn't do anything about the situation so what we did is we prayed. We asked for Papa God's guidance & trusted that He will see us through. I guess I must have put my whole trust in Him as I just slept throughout the entire wait. (We waited for the engine to be fixed). At some point, we contemplated on boarding the boat Asia China & go back to Cebu & board another boat to CDO tonight, but decided against it when we saw how difficult it is to transfer from one boat to another without a gangplank. Our fear was pronounced when a baggage disappeared into the dark waters when a man almost fell. Scary! Nevertheless, it was quite an experience! We were still not convinced about the "pamahiin" but we were somewhat cautious. Maybe Papa God is trying to call our attention too. He may not want us to believe in superstitions but maybe He wants us to take necessary precautions. The entire experience made us believe in His power all the more. And believe that He gets us through anything & will still continue to do so in the coming days of our marriage. Now that thought puts a smile into our lips. We're getting more excited! ;-)

Friday, November 11, 2005

my ring holder, a carriage to complete the "fairytale" look Posted by Picasa

my 2nd gown fitting. sooo excited :-) Posted by Picasa

rhinestones on my pants

Currently, I am busy doing a million stuffs. Aside from the fact that it's a month & a week from our big day. Geez, it's that close already??!! I am enjoying still the solitude of evenings I spend doing a few more stuffs for the wedding. Dont believe me, It's actually more worrying than accomplishing things. For instance I still dont have a tiara & wasn't able to buy a Maidenform too :-( No unity candle still & the rest of the candles has no design yet, which reminds me that I have to purchase the taper candles soon. Too bad I cant find that cake slicer in a supposedly one-stop local wedding shop. Though I've eyed a cute match box which has a wedding theme to it. I can certainly make a better one myself, thank you very much. Hmm, speeches that are supposed to be done by now has not been started even, along with presentations & guest sheets. You may very well guess that guest tags are not done also. I guess judging from the way I am babbling, you can see that I am feeling a million mixed emotions.. what else is new? hehe. Well, I am all at once, excited, exasperated, scared, anticipating... It's exhilarating, scary & yet I cant wait for the big day. A week (or maybe two) from the big day, I will rest. That means I'll leave all else for everyone to worry. hehe, I'm the bride, remember?
well, indulge me in my simple pleasures. As of the moment, I am just awaiting the last batch of the invites & I'm done. And just last night I was able to finish the pants part of the special project I am doing. It's rhinestones on my jogging pants which bears the word "BRIDE". It's one of those stuffs that I've seen in magz & I was thrilled when I found out that I can purchase it locally. Now, I just need to do the smaller ones which will be sticked to the sweater I will be using as I will prepare on my big day. Then all I need to do is buy myself a nice pair of sweatpants. Geez, I cant wait. will post picture soonest. Don't know how to tinker w/ blogger lately, my pictures can't get posted.
have to call it a night. Boy, am I getting tired! need to find a spa. remind me tomorrow ;-)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

my new gown design Posted by Picasa

same wedding gown design as my cousin's..NO MORE

hey there!
been a while, was quite detached from blogging & emails bec. most of my time was spent looking for an alternate design for the wedding gown of mine (which was literally copied by a cousin). Oh well, bridge under the water na sya, as her wedding had passed & she walked down the aisle with my design na :-( Talked with the designer already and agreed on a new design na. Actually, we came to a part where we both raised our voices na to each other to stress on a certain point. Well, his poor excuse is that he will be using different materials daw so it won't come out the same, but I'll post the pix below for everyone who will chance upon my blog to see if I am only imagining the resemblance.

Close friends & relatives who really knew me are taking my arguments & side, but I'm beyond that now. What's important to me is that I have already a new design (& I shall say it's far better that the old one). To top it off, there's a new guideline from my church which says that bridal gown & those of the entourage must ot show any bare back or shoulders. (oooppps! did I forget to mention that mine is a low-dipped back & a tube top?) to my surprise, when I bring this up w/ my designer, he readily agreed on making me a shrug (sort of like a tiny bolero) and my ento. a shawl, AT NO EXTRA COST.. God is really good!!!

As of the moment, I am awaiting the fax message of my designer for the new sketch of my bridal gown. I am actually hesitating if I post this here right now. You can bet the previous incident freaked me out that much to draw out this kind of feelings from me. I am almost always a rational, sensible person... but this has nearly driven me nuts. hehe. You won't believe the extent of stress this has brought me, I am awake til past midnight to almost 2am every single night since I knew of this unfortunate incident & was almost always behind my laptop, screwing my brains out of every juicy, creative ideas to incorporate into my gown, all the while bombarding my wedding e-groupmates with help! messages. Finally, after so many suggestions from them & friends (in flesh), there was this one link to a design sent by GLORIA (God bless this woman!) that I've fallen in love with. So there, I was furiously scribbling & sketching (did I mention that I do this on the side too, for me mostly & for some colleagues & friends who thinks that they are good enough to be worn, hehe) and was able to come up with what I thought is a good revision, which I will post here.

Moral of the story? Choose your support group quite well. Cousins, relatives as they may be, might really not know you at all to know that they are causing you hurt & sleepless nights. In the end, those who will bail you out will be those who had trully known you & love you to cause you any pain. My everlasting gratitude to the ONE up there and my guardian angels, coz they are trully the only ones who knew that I was about to let go, yet I hang on bec. of them. And of course, my fiance, whose unwaivering support I have most felt through this unfortunate test. What a way to test our relationship! And my close cousins, Chen & Ryan and my siblings, Garce & Jayr, for being angels on earth. It's true that we cant choose our families, but we do have a choice on who we keep contacts with. All that being said, I leave all else to HIM. DW indeed brings out the best in all of us. (",)

Friday, November 04, 2005

us during the Discovery Week-end in Cebu last Oct. 28-30, 2005. Best experience ever! Posted by Picasa

Discovery Week-end

Phew! What a long week-end I have had. Went on leave from work last Friday to attend the Discovery Week-end in Cebu. It was trully an amazing experience! Though it took most of our time coz it's for the entire week-end, it was trully worth it. We walked away from the venue not only with the invaluable skills we have learned for a week-end of being in touch with our "feelings", but also with gained friendships with couples we have attended the seminar with. There were 11 couples there who went through the week-end with their loved ones (me & Marlon included in the 11 pairs).
pictures will soon be posted here:

I won't be posting a blow-by-blow account for the benefit of those who might chance upon this blog of mine who are also interested in joining DW in the future. I don't want to pre-empt the speakers (Tito Jojo & Tita Ditsy & the rest of the Cebu team) & rob the couples who are yet to go through the said retreat of the very rich & meaningful time with each other & with God. Suffice to say, this stands as the most romantic week-end Marlon & I had spend with each other. even more romantic than the 1st time we were brought to Baguio & Manila by my Dad Alex, where Marlon proposed & asked me to marry him. Now, you're getting interested, right? It's a week-end of "discovery" actually. Hopefully, couples who will be going through it will have enough love & trust in each other to be able to gain the real meaning of the week-end activity.

Marlon & I are not the "talkative" kind of couple. We may be in this relationship for 9 yrs. now but there are times when we trully do not now what the other is saying & can even come close to thinking if I got in a relationship with an alien. hehe. True enough, DW helped us bridge the gap. Now, we are not only hopeful about the future but more in sync with each other too. Maybe it greatly helped that we now know where the other is coming from, bec. we were able to talk about very important issues in our relationship & future married life in the course of the week-end's activity.

Furthermore, to those couples who had been through the experience, I'm sure all will agree that it was a priceless moment. As Tita Ditsy had said, Cebu is the best venue by far bec. Taavera Retreat House is conducive to the romantic activity DW is offering. What with the city lights glistening beneath you & the stars twinkling directly above. But the most important thing in the picture is you are with the person you most love in this world. To relieve it, I'd want to share the DW theme song here:

(lyrics & music by: Leslie Bricusse)

You and I will travel far together
We'll pursue our little star together
We'll be happy as we are, together.
We may never get to heaven,
But it's heaven at least to try.

You and I are going on together,
Till the time we have is gone, forever,
Watch the evening drawing on, together.
Growing closer, growing older,
Mking mem'ries that light the sky
That only time can make,
That only love can make,
That only we can make,
You and I

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

a full view of the pair I'll be trekking on ;-) Posted by Picasa

a closer look of my wedding shoes Posted by Picasa

week-end trip to Cebu

ola! just got back from my week-end shopping trip to Cebu, where I was able to book most of my weddng suppliers...

florist - Arlene Chiu of KAYE's (a darling Easternian, though older than us. But a Chinese as well so there's an instant connection plus trust, knowing that I am in good hands. So, all details in the reception was finalized. I find her so kind for agrreing to meet me at 8:30 am just so I can get the rest of my tasks done.

photo- Michael Manabat who goes by this tagline "Marry the right person, hire the right photographer, capture the magic forever..." Kinda like God has pointed me out to this person. I feel like I was being literally tapped on the back bec. of the word "MAGIC" (",)

well, that was my only major accomplishment for this trip. Hoping to finish the rest of the supplier bookings when we go back at the end of this month. Other things I bought:

my bridal shoes - got it from Bass, it's a simple ivory white strappy mule with a dainty ribbon on the front. will post pic soon. I fell in love with it the moment I've laid my eyes on it at the display glass in Ayala.

toasting flute- got a 4-piece set, just to be sure there are extras in case I break them. hmm, remember that I did break one of the 2 that we used for the beach prenup? hehe, clumsy me. or was that nervousness??

jewelry set- got my set with the help of a very generous w@wie who goes by the name IDA (thanks girl, you're heaven-sent!). haven't taken pics of it yet, but will do that soonest so I can post it here.

among others, i was also able to meet a prospective emcee, Rudinah (a friend of Ryan's). She's actually a very good one though I deferred hiring her as I am still thinking of getting a 6-man team of coordinator w/ an emcee included. anyway, I haven't brought it up w/ Marlon yet. also, I shuld have met with the band Auntie Belen has recommended to play during the reception. Unfortunately, Sarah Geronimo had a concert at Waterfront so they were not around for their usual gig. hmm, what else did I miss? Oh yes, I got to spend time with my sister & my niece, the only one who can trully melt my heart w/ her toothless grin. I stayed again at my cousin Chen's place. Theirs is really a warm home for me, even then & esp. now, that I badly need a place to stay for the sole trips I have to take for the wedding preps.

what's stressing me now is actually not the week-end trip itself, but the burden of unexpectd hitches... such as... my cousin, who's getting married this week-end will be wearing a gown exactly like mine (or so my cousin Yoyong had said). I mean I was not affected when he told me that we almost had the same design of wedding rings, but a GOWN? I wouldn't want to look like I borrowed hers for my wedding day noh? I was really devastated. I will be calling my couturier w/in the week to inform him that I won't have it that way. He has to change my design altogether. hayyy, frustrating!

well, there goes my week-end story...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

got our invitations

Jaja texted me yday that our invites are now ready for pick-up so I asked Sally to get it from her office today. We got na our 200 pcs. invites & started with the task of addressing the envelopes. Contrary to what most have done in addressing the invites (either thru hand calligraphy or handwritten) we had ours computer-printed. Though we both know that the norms should be addressing it in our own handwriting, Marlon & I both agreed that we want ours to be computer-printed.

So last night & tonight was spent addressing the outer invites ;-) Different kind of bonding for Marlon & me. We only managed to finish printing out his guests list & realized that he has so many business associates already that he consumed all 155 pcs. of our invites. yikes!!!

Now we have to place an extra 100 pcs. more for my guests. Actually we were even discussing pa if it's enough na to cover all our guests. Phew! I didn't know we have that many friends ;-)

faux wax seal mistake & lessons learned from it

We were in the process of trying to make our faux wax seal (aka colored gluestick stamp). Both Marlon & I took turns getting used to how to do it the right way (carefully following Glo's step-by-step guidelines). We started doing this since last Sat. pa using up more than 10 sticks of the transparent gluestick. Finally, Wednesday night, we thought we have perfected it enough to try using the gold seal already. To our dismay, the monogram can't be seen bec. of too much glitters. As in, palpak jud! I couldn't believe it! 100 pcs. of glittery gold-colored gluestick will be put to waste :-(
I was touched when I apologized to Marlon for not being able to foresee this one. And to think I was the one adamant to use the wax seal effect pa raba jud, for the "royal look". hehe. Marlon merely said that I need not apologize bec. he also knows that I wouldn't want to waste my money either, twas just a wrong choice. He then said that I place a new order for a PLAIN Gold-colored variety this time. And that I did, profusely looking for a supplier for this. I even posted Help! over w@w community but maybe all other brides to be are busy w/ their own preps also. Luckily, I still kept the contact #s of suppliers recommended before so I was able to source the needed gluestick from REGINA MERCADO yesterday. Tomorrow the gluesticks (all 150 pcs. of it) are scheduled to arrive na. Hay, some glitches...
But the good thing about this experience is that we were able to sort things out without hurting each other's feelings, dba? I really appreciate it that I didn't hear "sermon" instead an encouragement. I hope this is a good indication of our communication prowess. There is certainly a way to let the person know that she might be wrong (or did something wrong, even a smal detail like this) but it's not taken against her. Now, that's what I call LOVE! (",)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Marlon's shoes, honeymoon gift

I can now cross out from my list of things to buy the shoes of Marlon. Yesterday, we were able to shop at Florsheim. The personnel here in CDO Branch gave us a 5% discount bec. of the 3-day mallwide sale. Pretty nice noh? Plus he gave out his best wishes to us in advance ;-)

a few of my purchases yday included the tassels (for the mini wine) among others. If I finish dressing it up a bit, I'll definitely post here the result of my packaging out TY gift to our sponsors.

Incidentally, My Dad Alex informed us that he is giving us a honeymoon package (3D/2N) at Alegre Beach Resort in Cebu on Dec. 19-21. Yehey! Another reason for me to splurge on swim wear, hehe. Now I'm really thinking of buying myself a quality digicam so I can capture the beauty of the place.
will post here some pics taken by Erwin Lim of Alegre a few months back.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

things to accomplish (by October)...

-pick up Marriage License on Oct. 4 @ City Hall
-give out cloth to Tita Pet & Tita Julie
-buy tassel/cord for the wine
-continue with the dance practice every Tuesday & Thursday ;-)

-finalize lay-out & pay downpayment to florist
-meet w/ Michael & finalize booking on photo
-meet w/ band (ask help from Auntie Belen)
-meet w/ emcee (set appointment c/o Yoyong)
-shop for tiara & shoes
-look for ice carving & indoor fireworks supplier
-give out cloth to the rest of our sponsors who are Cebu-based

-1st fitting w/ Jude
-set appointment w/ Fr. Ben (Sacred Heart)
-attend Discovery Week-end on Oct. 28-30
-set prenup w/ Michael (or Erwin)
-book make-up for entourage (Grace's recommendee)
-allot time for ribbon-tying of souvenir items
-scout for travel agencies for honeymoon booking
-follow-up on Birth Cert.
-apply for passport

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Accomplishments (as of September)

paid P4K downpayment
in the process of finalizing our misalette
will meet w/ our officiant on Oct. 28
will ask for schedule of Canonical Interview in Nov.

paid P50K downpayment
finalized lay-out & menu
will schedule food tasting

paid P50K downpayment
done w/ all the sketches for the ento. dresses
done w/ the fitting of the lining
will have my first gown fitting on Oct. 28
follow-up on entourage who has not yet submitted their measurements
bought butterfly wings for the FG/wands for the Jr. BM(as early as Jan. pa)
Grace is beautifying the wings now :-)
will ask Jude to do the ring/arrhae/bible pillows according to my specs
look for my bridal shoes
as well as Marlon's shoes

gave out cloth to most of our Principal/Peer Sponsors along with the Save The Date cards I made myself :-)
send Save The Date cards to the rest of the Male Sponsors & members of the entourage
will gave out the cloth to the rest of the barkada & my other Titas in Cebu on Oct. 15

paid P11K downpayment
had our prenups by the beach
will have to submit pa our pictures to Teddy

still can't decide between Michael Manabat or Erwin Lim
will have to make a list of must-take shots

had trial make-up w/ RAMIL SOLIS & paid downpayment of P2K
will schedule trial make-up w/ Grace's recommendee (for ento's make-up)

have the guest's giveaways na.
just need to beautify the package so will tie ribbons to match our motiffs. Grace bought this for me na ;-)
bought the gifts for our PS too
buy tassels/cord for the mini wine
still looking for ento's gifts

paid P10K downpayment
will have it by end of Sept. or early Oct.
ordered another set of 100pcs. as addt'l.
received na our wax stamper to complete the royal look of our invites
will but transparent gluestick forst so we can try using it for our faux wax seal

paid P10K downpayment @ Waterfront for the bridal preps

finalized design & paid P3K downpayment for our castle cake
look for floral icing (gerbera, stargazer & carnation)
or plastic imported flowers @ Ayala

ordered a new set @ SUAREZ w/c had turned out way, way more beautiful than the 1st one :-)

paid P3K downpayment
will still have to choose songs from the list they have provided

will have to work on this pa

still scouting for one
will have to plan the program

will hire one w/ violin, keyboard & flute plus vocalists on the package na
probably look for a harpist pa gihapon (we find it cute to have one)

bought the "Unity Coins" for our arrhae
asked Auntie Heny to buy "carriage" ring holder
bought ring & arrhae holder at Oceanic (in case Auntie Heny won't be able to buy the carriage ring holder)
bought bells at Oceanic for the Bell Girls too
thinking of having the "garter" done as in DIY

A Step-by step Guide on How to Make a Faux Wax Seal -- by GLO

This was posted by the ever-creative GLO on her blog after I've left an inquiry on her tagboard few weeks ago. WOW!!! touched naman ako... star na ko sa blog ni Glo. hahaha. THANK YOU from the ottom of my heart, girl! God bless!

Faux Wax Seal - How to Make (For Bless)Materials and tools needed:

Faux wax sticks in color of your choice

Brass, pewter, ceramic, or rubber seal

Clear embossing stamp pad or
a piece of cloth or cotton saturated in baby oil

Low-temp mini glue gun

(your faux wax sticks can be used in a hot melt (regular) glue gun for other crafting purposes, but the faux wax will come out very thin and difficult to use for making seals)


STEP 1. Insert the faux wax stick into glue gun and plug in. Do not begin to make the seals until the faux wax has had the chance to heat for several minutes! Caution! Even with a low-temp glue gun, the melted faux wax and the nozzle of the glue gun are very hot and can cause burns! Do not touch while in use!

STEP 2. Slightly wet the seal with the embossing ink or baby oil. This will help prevent the seal from sticking to the paper and make a very clear impression.

STEP 3. To make wax seals directly on the stationery or envelope, squeeze a small mound of faux wax onto the place where you want the seal to be.

STEP 4. Slowly, press the wet seal firmly into the faux wax to create an impression, wait for a few seconds and then remove.

(You may have to experiment on a scrap of cardboard or paper to get the amount of faux wax just right. There should be enough on the paper so that a small ridge of faux wax is pressed out all around the sides of the seal, but not so much that the seal is too thick and bulky. The brass seal I used to test this project is approximately 3/4 inch wide, and it worked best with a blob of faux wax the size of a raisin.)

If you are afraid to damage the paper or making errors, make your seals in the back of a non-stick baking sheet/pan, release after cooling and paste into your envelopes using clear glue.

PHOTO: clockwise from top: Materials, step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, impression using a rubber stamp, impression using a brass seal.

# posted by ~Glo~ @ 5:15 AM 2 ♥ comments

Thursday, September 29, 2005

foxtrot dance moves

It's our 2nd dance session tonight. We hired Malou (my belly-dancing instructress) and her dance-partner, Jojo to teach us dance moves which we will present on our reception night. This is something we want to surprise our guests with. Knowing Marlon, they won't really believe we're gonna do this! hehe

This is adding in the fun activities we do for our wedding preps. We will be working with Malou & Jojo til around Nov. to make sure we have our moves right. If anything, it's tapping the fun-side in our relationship. Believe me it can actually get boring when both of you are serious people, with serious jobs. I'm a bank employee remember & Marlon manages his uncle's agri-business. Between our busy scheds. & workaholic personalities, boy! we easily lose sight of the fun things we are missing. Now this dance practice somehow brings back the laughter.

Hope the rest of our fellow soon to be wed couples are having as much fun. October is fast approcahing, we will soon add to our "couple" activities the recitation of the rosary together. Dunno, but when we started doing this a few years back, we feel that we are being blessed more & our relationship too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

gifts for the Sponsors

reposting here a message I've posted at the W@W forum:
Hi mga pretty girls!
Today we got na the package of mini wines which we will give to our sponsors as Thank you gift. As I am based in CDO, Kelly just sent it to me via PAL (airport-to-airport) & all our communications consisted of text, fax & email messages only. But she delivered.
One of my most fave supplier si Kelly Jugo (owner of Personal Edge). Super easy to talk to. Will go out of her way to accommodate your requests, no matter how may times mo ipaulit design for the personalized wine labels. As she emailed me once when I apologized for the many times na pinaulit-ulit ko yung lay-out of the label, she only said that it's ok & even if it will take a hundred revisions ok lang daw basta ba in the end, I'll get the label that I want. O dba? Definitely a worthy find! Buti nalang ni-post ni Pebbles(hi girl, how's the newlywed?) info about her. She's a darling!
Will definitely recommend her to my friends who are thinking of giving out wines for wedding souvenirs. In fact she just informed me that she also customizes wines for Christmas give-aways too. (hmm, good idea for the corporate give-aways ;-)

Interested? Check out her merchandise:

Kelly Jugo
Personal Edge
Cellphone# 0917-577-7780; landline# 821-0567
Email add:

After dealing with her, you will feel like you've gained a friend.

Bless (babes ni Marlon) ---> still looking for ento. gifts
Sacred Heart/Grand Con, Cebu City

Pre-marriage counseling seminar & more blessings

So many blessings the last few days. I'll start with..
I received already the notice from PAG-IBIG stating that my housing loan application has finally been approved. So now, we can go ahead with the negotiation for the floor plan of our future home (take note: not just a house ha ;-)
also, took the whole day off today from work & we attended the whole day seminar required by City Health. Oh well, the usual stuff.. but we learned a bit more on the sexual side of the relationship. Perhaps we've been too good (more like really obedient, uyyy proud mi about being virgins noh! hehe) but we are so looking forward to the honeymoon. hahaha

well, a few more tasks checked off our list. hopefully, more will be checked off in the next few weeks as I intend to travel to Cebu on Oct. 15 to tackle a few more wedding-related tasks & buy the small stuffs to complete my list.

ah, before I forget, we intend to scout for a few more honeymoon destinations as many had discouraged us & advised us against going to HK as it's peak season & predicted to be the busiest as Disneyland HK has just opened recently. Hmm, maybe they are right after all. We were able to talk to one travel agency here in the locality & they offered us an Asian cruise package aboard Superstar Virgo (wow!!! dream honeymoon indeed... but only prob. is that it's also very pricey so we will scout for a few more alternatives. haay, if only we are not building our house soon). Grace told me it's the ultimate dream vacation as she & Nolvin cruised also on their honeymoon. Maybe it wont hurt to ask Shirley's advice & help. Will talk to her one of these days.

that's all for now...
before i go, wish me luck as I will be submitting my revised misalette for approval tomorrow. hope this will be approved na this time.

lastly, Jaja informed me that my invites will be available na within the week. yipee!
am excited!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

applying for a marriage license

now, we're nearing THE DAY...
prooof of that? yesterday, Marlon dropped by the office & we went to file ur application for marriage license. I've read in some posts over w@w that some were given so many requirements before they get to file their application. Good thing for us here in CDO coz it's a hassle-free process. All you have to do is drop by the City Hall & fill-up the sheet (ours was even taken out by Marlon & filled-up already when we got there) so just paid nalang the P100.00 fee then we were told to attend the City Health seminar (schedules every Wed. from 7am-5pm). We just have to present the certification that we have attended such a seminar & we can get na our license by Oct. 4. How fast is that?? My sister was amazed bec. her sis-n-law just got married recently in Cebu & they had much to accomplish daw (CENOMAR etc.) while I was not even asked for a copy of my Birth Cert. hehe
oh well, now we just have to schedule our attendance for the seminar so we can finish the requirement na ;-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

pissed off

Geez, i dont know how to handle myself. I am mad at the priest we have asked to officiate our marriage. Oh boy! What am I gonna do???
It started when I had our misalette approved. I LBC-ed a draft copy to Sacred Heart via my contact person there. Sad to say when I made a follow-up, surprise!!! almost all the salient parts (even the personalized wedding vows were marked "x") I mean, I would understand if some parts were not approved such as no unity candle lighting & blessing of the Bible daw coz it's not part of the Catholic ceremony, but the vows!!
Even the intoduction part of the wedding was crashed out. And the thanksgiving prayer we have prepared was not allowed. Not part of the mass daw :-( I doubt if Papa God would be mad if we pray before we end the wedding mass so I dont know what gives. Even the entourage listing was commented upon. I have no need daw for a Little Bride & a Bell Girl. It was marked as "they are excessive". ggrrr!
The most difficult part is that he is a friend of my Dad so there's no way we can change pa this priest. haaay, added stress... now I'm no longer looking forward to our canonical interview. good thing we have chosen to attent the Discovery Week-end this Oct. so we can avoid seeing him na for the Pre-Cana. arrrgh!
haay, since I cant seem to do anything about this anyway, will just make the best effort nalang to revise the misallette I have labored to do. Goodbye personal vows. huhuhu

Sunday, September 11, 2005

beach prenup tomorrow!

excited for an overnight stay at Midway beach resort. We will be leaving for the beach aroud 5pm (later today), but instead of packing my stuffs, here I am posting my heart both here in blogger & w@w site. hehehe.
last night we went to the mall to get a few more stuffs for the shoot (mostly props). I am quite amazed that Marlon's handling this better. Practice does makes a man perfect. Now, he complains less (I think I didn't hear anything at all last night) and he seems more eager for this.
We will be with Kuya Edwin & Ate Dul, my bro Jay-r & his ex-gf Nica (one of my bridesmaids). I haven't been to this resort but they say it's a scenic one. Trisha (a famous photog here) said it has one of the best sunsets daw. Just hope it wont be raining tom.
anyway, will post here the pics soonest.
wish us luck! muahh.. Heidi ;-)

eto na Heidi, sorry medyo natagalan. was pre-occupied kc lately. anyways, posted here na...

Seven Things That Scare Me
1.) cockroach, rats... eooww!
2.) dying unprepared
3.) meeting an accident (knock on wood)
4.) losing a family member
5.) being struck by a lightning
6.) bad dreams
7.) sex

Seven Things I Like The Most
1.) checking out my w@w mail
2.) reading a good book
3.) getting pampered w/ a body massage
4.) checking out a new place w/ Marlon or my family
5.) shopping & chatting w/ friends
6.) Hello Kitty & other butingtings
7.) Orbits chocolate milkshake... yumm!

Seven Random Facts About Me
1.) I am God-fearing and prays about all aspects in my life, even asking God to bless the tiniest detail of my plans. I am also fond of asking for signs that I am being guided in the right direction or that my decision leases Him. So far, I think I'm in the right track. He has lead me to the TRUE Love of my heart. Marlon's everything I have ever prayed for :-)
2.) I am very family-oriented. Maybe it has something to do w/ being the eldest among three siblings and also, the eldest granchild in my Dad's family side thus a certified Ama's fave apo ;-)
3.) I graduated from the University of San Carlos with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Got my degree in college for only 3 1/2 years ;-) but i didn't pass the CPA Board Exam (huhuhu)
4.) I'm a certified OC! And I am bordering towards being a perfectionist.
5.) I'm a bookworm. From romantic novels to self-help books to magazines. I cant put down whatever I get my hands unto.
6.) I'm a fun, fearless Cosmo girl. Got all issues of Cosmo from it's maiden issue til the recent one & I intend to subscribe all the days of my life.
7.) I love taking pictures! but I recently discovered (prenup hang-over) that I also love being photographed & fussed about (VAIN!!!)

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom
1.) body pillow
2.) my laptop
3.) cellphone
4.) bedside phone (for internet connection, hehe)/alarm clock
5.) tv & dvd player
6.) full-lenght mirror & make-up (vain!)
7.) books & magazines

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1.) marry my fiance Marlon
2.) have a great honeymoon vacation (and every single year thereafter, hehe)
3.) have kids (sana twins)
4.) be a successful businesswoman
5.) or be a fulfilled banker the rest of my career ;-)
6.) savor every single day of my existence
7.) go to heaven when I die :-p

Seven Things I Can Do
1.) surf the net til the wee hr of the morning every single night
2.) do the belly dance (haha, enrolled for this)
3.) sleep without dinner
4.) live on junk foods, chocolates & milkshakes alone (hey dont nag me, am trying to change this na)
5.) skip breakfast & have lunch as my first meal of the day
6.) make my niece smile
7.) design my own clothes(yah Heide I do that also. tipid noh?) & I usually do my own make-up too

Seven Things I Can’t Do:
1.) drive :-( but will try to learn after the wedding
2.) sing (can carry a tune naman konti but too shy)
3.) eat ampalaya, di ko talaga kaya.. too bitter
4.) stop buying Hello Kitty stuffs
5.) drink beer (don't like it's smell)
6.) do the sexy dance (the grind kinda thing? uhm, sorry not my cup of tea)
7.) be forced to do things I dont like (no way!)

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1.) love for God & family
2.) being lambing
3.) being responsible
4.) self-confidence ('wag naman sobra)
5.) being child-like
6.) being a clean freak
7.) being independent

Seven Things I Say The Most
1.) Babes
2.) Hi! or Hey!
3.) Please??
4.) Really?!
5.) Uh-huh
6.) Oh my God!
7.) Anyway,

Seven Celeb Crushes (Whether Local or Foreign)
1.) Richard Gere
2.) Pierce Brosnan
3.) Colin Firth
4.) Aga Muhlach
5.) Rico Yan
6.) Dominic Ochoa
7.) my BABES (eh sa celebrity sya for me, hehe)

Seven People You Want To See Take This Quiz
1.) Jacque
2.) Janix
3.) Jacq
4.) Lea
5.) Cathy
6.) Faye
7.) Chi

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

yehey! now have a florist

have another update!
last night I received a text message from Carol (co-owner of Kaye's Flower Shop) she said Arlene (her sis & co-owner) called me up daw but I wasn't home yet. Uh-uh, heavy rains stalled me. We were trapped in the mall. I was shopping for a cute umbrella & a pair of slippers (props for my wedding video shoot this week-end ;-)
Anyways, I returned Arlene's call. She told me the flower list of my bridal entourage is ok na with her. Everything in the list is fine na daw. So I should not be worrying abt it na. She just wants to talk lang bec. she thought LIRIO (a flower specie) is kinda too frail to handle that she thought of replacing it w/ something else. After we agreed on the replacement, more roses nalang instead of that lirio thing, she quickly assured me that she will make my floral arrangement beautiful so I should not worry about anthing na. Wheee! I totally trust this florist as I have seen her previous works. All I can say is that she has a very good reputation among chinese clients & I have seen pictures of her past gorgeous works too. And to top it off, di jud sya chi-bin. Even agreed to my giving a downpayment only in Oct. na, when I am scheduled to go to Cebu.. unlike some other suppliers I've met (tee, hee :-o) well, am just glad that i've nailed down another good supplier.

photo na lang ;-0 hope Papa God will bless me with a good find again.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

mini wine

posting here the final lay-out for our personalized label of the mini wine we ordered for our male entourage members as well as for our Ninongs.
it's just the usual Carlo Rossi wine bottles, but we only had the labels customized to fit our fairytale theme.
This is made by Kelly Jugo of Personal Edge. A very warm & accommodating lady who's also a joy to deal with. I would definitely recommend her if only for the fact that she is an articulate & professional person to deal with. Interested? Here's her contact info. cp#0917-577-7780, email add:
Definitely a worthy find!

yet another florist

What's good about preparing for a wedding at length is that you have the luxury to choose suppliers and review their package to the last detail. As for me, I have had the time to visit only 2 shops and another propspective florist was met by my cousin Yoyong who's coordinating the details of my wedding. But it really bugs me bec. I would often end up choosing the 1st one I've visited. It's like God telling me to trust my instinct?? or what my Dad Alex would often refer to as gut feel ;-)

Anyway, I visited Kaye's Floral Shop sometime in May. Then we had our package quoted. Unfortunately, Arlene's quotation rocketed to 92K with ceiling works & around 50K w/o it. I was immediately turned off bec. i feel that her prices were unreasonable. I hunted for another supplier & I found, Lush Blooms. Initially she quoted 32,500.00 for me after i showed her the list of my preferred flowers. wow, that's below my 50K budget! The downside nalang is that Grace told me that she's the same florist she got for her wedding & recently her sis-n-laws engagement. And they didn't get their money's worth. Ngee... But anyway, we agreed to give her a chance & see how she would fare during Cherry's wedding. We agreed to be vigilant na lang. So, ok na. Unfortunately, when i asked to have it detailed her quotation sky-rocketed to P 53+.. Uh, uh.. it didn't suit my budget very well. Prior to this diay, my cousin Yoyong met w/ Candy (a freelancer florist whom my Mama Jan referred) to discuss abt the place set-up. To his horror, this fellow doesnt even have teh basic tool at hand. We are to buy pa everything. Eeoww! so i guess I'm back to dear old Kaye's. hehehe

Yesterday, i got a faxed sample of how they will set-up my reception place. Am just awaiting the drawing they will submit for my church lay-out & sample centerpieces.
The best thing is that, they agreed to have my budget set at P 40K. See, God really has a hand at this. He must know how harrassed I feel at night when I pray to him to send me his chosen supplier as I am tired of thinking na whom to book. hehe

Soon will post here the lay-out of my reception & church venues.
Hmmm, 3 months nalang!

my customized wax seal

to complete the royalty look on my invites, Jaja (my invite supplier-friend) suggested that we use a wax seal. Actually we will be using colored gluesticks bec it's cheaper that way ;-) It's quite a challenge looking for a supplier here as we are both CDO-based. Good thing that the internet is a very handy tool nowadays. It's not only that I get my thoughts published like this ;-) also that I found a haven of bride's to be community in w@w. It was in the magz (Wedding Essentials) that i found the necessary info. of sourcing a wax stamper supplier who would customize. So, I ordered na the stamper from Norman LLeses (of YRL Design & Print). It will be sized like a 5-peso coin to match my 9 1/2 x 6 invite size.

to view it, here's the link --->

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

kilig story

last night as I am about to sign on to another evening of reading w@w mails, Marlon stopped me on track when he said we should start reading na daw our misalette so we will be familiar with our respective vows. aaawww, I couldn't trade that one with anything in the world. So not even if it's like a part of me is not complete if I haven't checked my mail, I quickly closed the laptop in front of me & climbed to bed to read (aloud) with him. hehehe. I sounded like a pre-schooler noh? being forced to do my homework by my mom. hehehe

we were both giddy (so in love?? ;-) that's why we keep on going back to the 1st line. After a while we gave up on the idea of reading aloud coz for some unknown reason, the vows we both are gonna pronounce in front of family & friends soon are making us laugh now. hehehe

a few more tries and we finally were able to "practice". somehow we both turned serious & got both teary-eyed. we even talked a bit more about the future... our plans, our hopes, our dreams... we ended up praying for the good things that had come, for better things to come and for us to always be in love ;-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


4 months to go... panic mode na me :-( still have to finalize so many things. La pa ko florist & photogs.

Things I'll have to do tom:
- finalize contract w/ Shine Photography & deposit payment if accomplished
- contact Kelly Hugo for the mini wine order
- keep in touch w/ Lush Blooms, ask for sample pix on arrangements requested
- send misallete for approval to Sacred Heart

phew! a lot of things to accomplish pa... huhuhu... i really need to focus. Promise to nail down my suppliers na soonest so I can move on to the smaller details. Anyway, if there's anything good that came out of my day today, I had a lengthy discussion w/ Rommel (Ricafort of Shine Photography) and after much thought & comparison w/ the suppliers I have talked to before, Marlon & I decided to book him as our photog. We're just now in the contract finalization process. Hopefully, we can close the deal na by tom.
Another thing, when I called up Ms. Daphne (Barliso of Sacred Heart) to ask if I can have the misalette approved na, she told me to send it na lang daw via fax. Nge, it's too long noh. Told her I'd send it via LBC instead along with a TY card for Fr. Ben. She's very accommodating man sad.
Well, need to sleep na.
nyt, nyt! pray that I will have a fruitful day tom. muah ;-*

our Save The Date cards

Here's the final lay-out of our Save The Date cards which we included in the gifts we gave to our Female Principal Sponsors. We gave out fuchsia pink colored georgette cloths that they can use for our wedding day. Will post the pix of the gifts soon. Cam not with me man gud right now.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

lay-out of my wedding invitations

just got a word from Jaja today that we are to meet on Saturday for the final lay-out of my invites ;-) I'm so excited to see how it will turn out. She's one supplier who treats me more like a friend than a customer. I can't stop raving about this gal. And her bf, Ian is God-sent too. He was the one who suggested during the bridal fair at SM to have a window inner envelope especially made for us, with the window shaped like a castle. Whoooa!!! who can resist that :-0 the lining will be a transluscent white material as gold is not available. Nonetheless, I saw the effect on Corinne's invites and it's fabulous!

as discussed previously, we will have a three-page invite w/ matte gold prints except for our names & the castle (which will be stamped in fuchsia pink) on the main invite, and 2 ento. sheets, all in matte gold print still except for the words "ONG-ANG NUPTIAL" embossed in fuchsia pink. Rate for this set is very affordable, trust me. Her quotes will give Manila-based suppliers a run for their money. PM me if you are interested. She told me she can do an invite via email correspondence.

Take a peek, here's a preview of what's to come as the anouncement to our special event:

first sheet for the entourage

2nd sheet for the entourage

main invite

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gimiks w/ Gianne & my cousins

A trip to Cebu no matter how tiring is always a welcome change for me. No other place in the world makes me smile as the Queen City of the South. Anyway, I got to spend time w/ my relatives. I stayed at Mama Grace's apartment with my cousins, Chen & Ryan. They accompanied me to my appointments. In the morning of Saturday, Grace (my pretty Siobe) brought Gianne (my prettier niece, hehe) and met with us at the shop of our prospective florist. Had lunch with them at Bigby's in Ayala. The entire day was spent with each other. I am always glad to be able to spend quality time w/ my niece, who's charm esp. when she smiles & shows her toothless grin, can really melt my heart.
A few pix of our laags...

Cant wait for next time.

1st gown fitting

Hello there!
just got back from a week-end trip in Cebu where my main task is to have the lining of my bridal gown fitted on me. accomplished it ;-) I was also able to meet with a prospective florist. All is well until my sister Grace arrived & identified her as the florist she had for her wedding (yikes! her floral arrangement is not that nice) also, they had a recent not so well experience during the engagement party of her sis-in-law last April bec. again the said florist did not deliver as agreed. Sayang bec. she really has a nice & affordable package as she is a direct importer of premium flowers. She has a flower stall in Dangwa man gud. Oh well, i wont sweat about it yet. I'll wait for Cherry's (Grace sis-n-law) wedding sa & see if she will deliver as agreed bec. she has a new arranger man daw.
will post here soon a pix of me & my couturier JUDE ELARDO, the one & only choice of mine to do my gown as well as my entourage's.

Monday, August 08, 2005

personalized cake topper

Whooa! I've just checked my digest w@w mails for the day, and guess what had caught my attention? Hayy, here I am again with my WEDDING WANTS... i really want to have a personalized cake topper. Now I am thinking isn't P 8,500.00 (7,500 for the topper & P1,000.00 fdelivery fee) too much for such an item? It's kinda costly :-( so, will just wait & see. If there will be extra money left after the essentials will be paid for na, this is definitely top of the list of my WANT TO HAVE...
here's the link -->

no emcee yet :-(

Bad news! I texted the emcee that my cousin Yoyong (who's also my OTD coordinator) recommended. Too bad, he's booked na on my wedding day :-( Sayang! I've heard of mostly good reviews pa raba about him. Everyone thinks he's a good one. Oh well, he's not available, so maybe he's not perfect for me. God only sends me perfect suppliers (perfect to my budget & specifications anyway, hehe). So, the hunt for the emcee continues... I'm sure God will send a certain angel to save the day soon.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

our future abode

Dropped by the site of our future home today. It's eciting to see our house rise from the ground. It's just a low-cost housing project of PAG-IBIG but to my Honey & I it means a lot coz we will be paying this ourselves. And we have a beautiful plan on how to make it a HOME & not just an empty house.
With lots of prayers and love for each other & our future kids (just want 2), I can say that we have a bright future ahead. As we are heading to our future homesite, some thoughts crossed my mind. In about 4 months, I'm gonna change my family name. But more than that, I will be living in a new house & will play a new role. A few months ago, I panicked at the thought. Looking back, I can only smile at myself now. hehe (",) Why am I fearing all these changes eh, it's just my Babes I'm going to live with. Slowly, I'm getting myself accustomed to the idea that I'll be waking up with someone beside me every single day for the rest of my life. Now, that's pretty exciting!!!


Alynn tagged me. So I'm passing this on to my fellow W@WIES:

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you?
blogging/surfing the net or curling up w/ a good book or a magazine

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?
a deep breath & knowing that God won't forsake me. Praying does wonders!
and of course a good talk w/ my Honey.

3. Tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs.


Pre-nup pictorial w/Trisha Tamparong

Got our pictures yesterday from our pictorial session w/ Trisha last Thursday. Had fun during that shoot as we had some shower of petals effect. Hayyy, more than ever it made me think of having loose petals lined on the aisle of Sacred Heart. I've posted a message to Aggie (a co-w@wie) na to ask for feedback on how she did hers. Back to the pictorial..Trisha is a very cool photog, as she is young (like she belongs to our age group, i think) so she has a different approach on her subjects. Take our case, Marlon is a very shy person & we almost decided not to go through a pictorial session (w/ anyone) at all!! Good thing though that we were able to work it out. Pero surprise, surprise! come the day of the pictorial, he's more relaxed that I was. I think he loved the shoot more than I did (na-conscious ko coz I'm constantly on the look-out if he is enjoying the activity). Poor me! hehe Will post the link here so u can check out our pix.
We had two sessions actually w/ Trisha (she's a known photog here in CDO). Last Thurday was the casual shoot while yday we sat with her for the formals. I got na the pix for the casual & cant wait to get my hands on the result of yday's pictorial too. Now we get the feel of how it will be on our wedding day na!
check out the link to our studio pictorial here; click on "prenup w/ Trisha"

Saturday, August 06, 2005

now have an officiating priest

I called up the office of Sacred Heart Parish to inquire if they were able to receive my letter via LBC. That letter was for REV.FR. BENJAMIN Y. SIM, S.J., whom we have asked to officiate our wedding. Incidentally, he is the parish priest of Sacred Heart & a very good friend of Dad Alex's younger sister.
When we were in Cebu last month, we asked for an appointment with him so we can meet him personally. Too bad he was not in town as he attended a pilgrimage then. What we did nalang was to ask the personnel there if she can ask Fr. Ben if he is willing to grant our request.
When I called up today, Daphne (who's also the head of the choir group we have chosen)gladly informed me that Fr. Ben had put an OK note on the letter I have sent.
So there goes, we can now be wed, have a priest na to officiate!!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm back from Cebu

I'm back after a 4-day stay in Cebu. Aside from attending my niece's baptism, we also did some wedding preps while we were there. Hayy, it's so tiring! But fulfilling also after accomplishing a lot of things. At times, frustrating sad esp. when certain expectations are not met :-( But in general, we had pretty much accomplished what we had set out to do.
Among others, here's what we have done over our short stay in my fave city:

CAKE - 1st supplier we scheduled to meet. was able to finalize concept of my castle cake. Except for the gumpaste flower icings, we have agreed that they will be using plastic cymbidium flowers for the decors too. tas add na lang whatever flowers I will choose for the wedding ento. Paid downpayment na sad so that the purchase of the materials for the castle can be started na. As Xjay is my friends brother-in-law, I expect that I wont have a problem with this supplier.

COORDINATOR - since Yoyong is my cousin, he is actually not a paid OTD coord. But he pretty much helps me with most of the preps as he has lots of ideas (he does wedding coordination on the side coz he's a Waterfront employee) & connections too. With his help, we were finally able to book a suite room & a standard one for Marlon & me on our wedding day. The suite room is huge to accommodate relatives who would want to tag along with us.

HOTEL PREPS- booked a suite room @ Waterfront, after being toured by the receptionist. We have chosen a slightly pricey accommodation taking into account the number of suppliers who will be coming in plus our relatives pa.

RECEPTION- was able to finalize menu for the 9 course meal we are serving. Hayy, in this area, I left Marlon to choose na coz I actually feel that he is more OC in this area than I am. Maybe bec. in his side of the family, they are very particular about the food being served. As for me, since he is paying for this, he better enjoy the food too. hehe

FLORIST- I thought I'd be able to book the florist I had been eyeing this time kaso the price they have quoted for my set-up is way too high. Imagine being given a quote of 92K!!! I mean, hey this is way too much coz I saw a wedding in the same venue w/c occured last year na they styled also but they only quoted 30K. I was willing to go as far as 40K. But then again, if I can scrimp on flowers, I would. After all, what am I gonna do with all those plants after the 2-3 hr. program dba?

RING- this is one supplier we are happy to meet. When we visited Suarez Wedding Rings @ SM, we were told to see the owner the ff. day @ 7am @ her residence. So that we did... and we were happy with the result of our meeting. Actually we are having our ring redone na. Same design, we will be using the same stones too (as they are courtesy of Nana). We just want an improved finish on the ring. And seeing their finished product, we are confident that they will be able to deliver our specifications. The owner is actually a daughter of the famous class ring maker, SUAREZ RINGS. Icing on the cake is the fact that they can customize the engraving on our rings (yehey!). We want man gud our name, the word "forever" and our wed. date engraved on our respective rings. 2 of the suppliers we have prev. talked before told us this cant be done. Well, we are happy to have found a supplier who can do this. We will be getting our rings next month on Aug. 15. Am excited for this.

CHURCH- we were not able to meet Fr. Ben Sim. This is supposed to be the most impt. task we should have accomplished during this trip. Apparently, he was not able to receive the letter I've sent via LBC a few days befor we head to Cebu as he was away on a pilgrimage daw. Anyway, was able to get a list of the songs to be played during our wedding ceremony from Daphne, choir coordinator which we have booked as early as May pa.

PHOTOGRAPHY- now I'm getting confused as to who to hire to cover our wedding event. I was sure abt wanting a digital storybook format. Initially, I was ok with hiring Dennis Du, a fellow Easternian & recommended by a good friend of mine, Chay. Incidentally, Chay is also a photog himself but do not do the storybook lay-outing. Then I was introduced to Michael Manabat, another Easternian turned photog. who's work turned out to be my best choice so far. So, as of the moment, I am waiting for his quotation on the package that I want. Hope I can afford his rate **crossing my fingers here**

GOWN-funny bec. I asked my fellow w@wies to choose among the varied gown designs I have gathered before I talked to my couturier. Most commented that they like the sketch of my 1st gown choice. So I was set to fit the lining meant for that design. Good thing though that Yoyong told me he was not so keen on that design as it will somewhat hide daw my upper torso. And since I'm petite (only 5'2") it's best that I choose a clean & simple design. So, it's altogether a totaly new sketch for me, no resemblance to the orig. design I had, whatsoever. Hope you still find it pretty still. I'd say I like it the first time Jude sketched it. It's what they always say, my heart did skip a bit! I found MY gown!!! showing here the final sketch of what is to be my wedding gown. Marlon commented on girls being fickle-minded & all. I was oblivious to his comment as I was floating on air seeing Jude sketching THE gown, hehe ;-)

HAIR & MAKE-UP ARTIST- met w/ Ramil & did my trial make-up last Monday. So that it wont be wasted we had a portrait session also @ Fotofolio. Will post a few sample pix here. I kinda like my make-up though I intend to ask them to do a sleeker 'do for me on the day itself. I dont like a strand not in place. hehe, talk abt being OC.

Well, that's mostly what we have accomplished in Cebu, aside from bonding times w/ my family too as my parents were there also for the baptismal of my niece. ayy, before I forget, I bought a bell (2 bells actually) @ Oceanic which my Bell Girl will be using.

I'll be back on Aug. 6 to have my 1st fitting w/ Jude. Hopefully, I will get to accomplish a bit more also during that time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

wish list!

posting here a few of my wishes for my wedding... how do u like this lovely tiara?
another one is this bouquet, I want mine to be kinda like this, though I'd like to substitute mine w/ fuchsia pink tulips tas incorporate cymbidiums para terno w/ Marlon's boutonniere. hmm, the idea excites me na. will just talk it over with my florist (actually haven't hired one yet), prospective florist pa diay...

ring designs

Just last month I shared my wedding gown dilemma. Now, I'm back with a new one... ring designs. Which one do you prefer? The Novell design (1st pix) or the Cartier design (2nd one)? cast your vote...

This is the Novell design (ours was 2-toned)

now we're thinking of turning it into this? hmm, whadayathink???

Side kwento... we had the Novell design made as early as Jan. pa. We got the rings mid-Feb. but to our dismay, craftmanship sucks! And we thought we wont have a problem with this supplier as he is a close friend of Marlon's aunt & has a shop at SM, Cebu tas he's chinese pa. Turned out, we didnt get our money's worth. We were told pa na the reason why the ring turned out that way was bec. we only had a small budget. Hay, we didnt argue nalang. Our ring's diamonds were courtesy of Marlon's aunt so para di masayang we just looked for another supplier.

What do u think? Should we have the same design made? or do we shift to the new one we found. Can decide eh, both sets are lovely (ehem, syempre our choice...hehehe)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

My First Bridal Expo Experience

Yesterday was the last of the 3-day bridal expo held @ SM. I was there every single day for the entire 3 days! hahaha, di sad ko excited noh? First day, I looked for TRISHA TAMPARONG, a known local photog here. Am interested in having our formal portrait done by her. We discussed a lil abt the locations, settings, her style, my preferences... the likes.

Said hello to TEDDY SALIDO of ADTRONIX (who's gonna be my videographer). Trisha was a bit surprised that I feel the need to import Teddy to Cebu, considering that I have a whole lot of names I can choose from there. Well, I believe it's best to work w/ people we are friends with. It will make us worry-free on our big day thus we have nothing to do but relish the moment. can't wait!!

Last booth I've visited was Jaja's of ISG PRINT TECHNOLOGY. She will definitely do my invites. A very down to earth lady, who's trully a pleasure to deal with. I got to meet her bf too, who fly in from Cebu to join her in the 3-day exhibit.

I got to meet HENRY PASCUAL too during the bridal consultation part. I asked him for some ideas I can use for my wedding theme. He provided some insights & inspirations. In the end, I asked Marlon to take a pix of us both as souvenir. Waaah, nagpaka-fan ko! hehehe...

It's a fun experience. My only regret is that I didn't ask to be photographed with the suppliers I'll be getting. Sayang! It would have been an additional picture in my scrapbook. Hay, sometimes there's a downside to a shy bf... Nevertheless, I enjoyed the fair. Til next time...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Gown Designs

A few more gown designs...

Eenie meenie mini moe, help me choose the gown I'll wear on the day I'll say "I do"...

the inspiration of the 1st design i have fallen in love with Posted by Picasa

love the design on the bodice  Posted by Picasa

is this nice??? Posted by Picasa

how abt this gown??? Posted by Picasa

a ballgown like this??? Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 27, 2005

Our Love Story

Our love story started one beautiful Valentine evening in 1996. We are about to go out to attend a disco-party our school org. had organized. I was chairperson of the said social event at that time. He knows I was pre-occupied & that my schedule that week was kinda hectic. So earlier that day, we had lunch @ Majestic Resto. Lil did Marlon know that my Sis Grace & I had planned it all out. He's going to fetch us & we will go to the party together. But while I am all dressed up, Grace will take all the time in the world to prepare for the party, so we will have plenty of time to talk. When Marlon arrived, I made him sit @ the sala while we wait for Grace to finish getting ready. As part of my surpise for him, I handed him a card which says pretty much how I feel for him & how he has passed the test of time. When he finished reading it, he looked at me, and I finished off by telling him the ultimate message that was not contained in the card...that I do love him =)The perfect moment was sealed with the perfect first kiss.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

my adorable niece -- Gianne Angelique, my Angel of Honor Posted by Hello

Praying for milk, eh baby?? Let's call ur mom Posted by Hello

Gianne & Bo-e ( I i wish I'll have my own bundle of joy soon ;-) meanwhile this pretty niece of mine takes centerstage) Posted by Hello