Friday, January 18, 2008

newest laptop models

Did you watch the news last night???

If you didn't you missed seeing the newest Apple Macbook Air being unveiled to the market. It says that it's ultra-portable, ultra-lightweight... ultra expensive too! hehehe

It's one of the two things I am eyeing at the moment, the other being the SONY VAIO FZ...

sooo gorgeous! But as I have told my hubby, it's one of those "nice-to-haves" that we can really do without.

Right now, my Compaq Presario 2200 may seem to be out-dated in terms of portability (its more than 2 kls. noh) and usage (don't know what happened to my once super-heavy duty DVD burner)...but then again, it serves the purpose of being able to connect to the net & keep my blogs updated, have my little boy's pictures uploaded into several websites I have maintained. It's serving it's purpose! And who needs another one? Of course, if money is not a hindrance, who doesn't like all the fine things in life? But we do have moments wherein we have to be "practical" about our expenditures.

And having a baby (actually a big baby now) to take care of is such a big eye-opener in terms of our spending habit. I have to curb my usual mall-rat ways...It's easier not to shop if you don't go out in malls often. It saves on gas...saves on meals & of course unnecessary purchases. But I do have to find ways of avoiding the uber-cutie outfits being sold online. When it comes to my tiny tike, I always splurge...Nevermind if this would mean mommy herself won't be getting the newest "cool" gadget there is.

Ahhh, motherhood!!! It really does change everyone, including me...

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I've been kinda busy the last few days before the New Year... a new business opportunity presented itself - my long-time college friend Cheray & I went into a partnership...we will try selling educational toys for kids (actually, we will start with only the Leap Frog items). And I can't help but get sooo excited with this.

Over the last few weeks, we've conceptualized and discussed ideas on how to market our stuffs...and we decided that it's best to do online selling. Inspired by some Multiply websites where I myself have purchased items from, I went on designing our future online store.

Just last night I have completed most of the final touches I have done for our website and a while ago, I posted the slideshow of my son...showcasing our "wares".

Now, we're all set and ready to sell... we are just awaiting for the arrival of our stuffs from Cheray's sister Ate My.

Good luck to us!!!