Monday, May 19, 2008

We're Home!

I finally have the energy to blog about being home after an 11-day vacation trip to Cebu/Bora.

I can't believe how draining a vacation is supposed to be...but with a 20-month old toddler in tow, I need all the energy left in me to drag my tired body to bed, after all the unpacking is done. Imagine a 10-pcs. luggage with another 10 pcs. yet to arrive when my sister in law comes back on the 24th. With the cost of the excess baggage in mind, we decided to leave most of our stuffs in Cebu. Good thing my SIL is coming back to accompany Nana for a check-up and she will be going home via a boat so lesser ang fee.

But we had a great time bonding with family (esp. my dear sister and her kids) and close friends. My Benedict loved his Gymboree experience. And we had a relaxing but "bitin" time in Bora. But the Queen City of the South still remains my fave!

It's a fun summer vacation.

Will be posting pics soonest. As soon as the rest of our luggage arrives..hehe

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Summer Vacation

As I was typing my title of this post, I remember my summer vacations of long ago, when I was yet a kid and we would be spending all of our summer days in Mapang. Back then I relish the airplane ride...and all the happy and fun times associated with summer! Of course starting with the fact that summer break means no-school...hurray!!!!

And thus it brings me back to memory lane...but now, I am getting the same excitement, if not more...because this time I am seeing/feeling it through my son's eyes/senses. Thi will be his first major trip away from our homebase in CDO as his earlier trips had been when he was yet too young to understand. And I am getting giddy with excitement over his first plane ride later this afternoon.

Haay, I just don't know if this is a normal feeling for mommies like myself...or if I am just being OA..haha. But we (Marlon & I) are sooo looking forward to this break. We are so excited to be a spectator when Benedict tries so many new things in this particular trip. Among his firsts would be:

  • first plane rides
  • first time to try Gymboree
  • first time in Bora (and this includes me as his Daddy had been there na before)
  • first get-together with his cousins (Gianne & Vince) in Cebu

As a mom, I can't be more excited for my little boy. I have packed our stuffs for like 3 days...hahaha. Of course there's my travel checklist to aid me. Can't seem to go off lists nowadays, am just so 'fraid I might miss some things...must be the anesthesia (haha, won't admit lang jud na age is catching up w/ me).

I couldn't wait to be in my fave Queen City of the South later. We are sooo looking forward too of the kids' (Gianne, Vince & Benedict) get-together.

Gotta go now...need to finish packing the rest of our stuffs. See you, Cebu!!!!

Fascinated with Colors!

My little one can't seem to stop himself from amazing all of us, esp. his Daddy...ayyy, he is definitely Daddy's little charmer!

Anyway, his latest accomplishment is knowing the colors. I am such a worry-wart. Imagine at about the same time when I have known that he can identify the letters of the alphabet na, I have began to worry that there might be something wrong with his eyesight as he can't seem to recognize the different shades around him. So much so that I even told his very-kind pedia about it, who told me that Benedict is perfectly fine and that she will learn the colors and all else in his own sweet time ...she had quickly dispelled my worries =D

And when his "own sweet time" did come, we have proudly reported to Doctora said development, and she gave us a smile with a matching twinkle in her eye ^_^. What I definitely love about Benedict's pedia is that she is old enough to be both mine & Marlon's pedia too...but she is well abreast with the latest in the technology esp. when it concerns her dear patients.

Anyway, the tiny tikes fascination with colors was triggered with his Little Leaps Creative Baby DVD...along with paintbrush and Crayola washable fingerpaints, he has created his first ever work of art. And I am scouting for a good frame na to showcase the little boy's masterpiece...haha. Big deal for someone like me who is a self-confessed artistically challenged. He paints with gusto and loves swirling the paintbrush on the palette to make a "mess" out of the different shades he has. Haay, and he flashes us a very happy smile when he happens to catch a glimpse of me taking shots of his messy little face. Here's his masterpiece =D

His fave color now changed from "bwo" (blue) to "purr-puh" (purple)...and he can easily identify "back" (black), "ayt" (white), "geen" (green), red although sometimes confusing it with "wo-ween" (orange). He used to have difficulty identifying "we-woo" (yellow) also but he did learn eventually.

He loves fingerpainting that we will definitely resume doing crafts when we get back...meantime, we will enjoy our Cebu vacation at the moment...but that's a different post altogether. ^_^