Monday, June 30, 2008

Wanna earn $ with just a click of the mouse?

Hi guys!

My friend Jacque posted a blog about this site recently. So I tried the link she has given. It's relatively easy, really...after registering with the site, all you have to do is just click on the VIEW ADS section and the "available" ads will display itself. Click on it at a time, and leave the page open until the countdown ends and the word DONE is displayed, with matching check mark.

As easy as that, you have just earned a few cents. Which will actually translate to a few easily-earned moolah in the next few days. As of today, just 3 days after signing up, I have in my account $3.65. Not bad at all, considering that all I did was click on the ads.

So, what re you waiting for? See for yourself!

Click on this link here --->

Good luck and have fun watching your dollar grow! Cheers!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mommy & Benedict in BABY Magazine May 2008 issue ... and of blessings :-))

I only learned of this 3 days ago...
My former officemate Mildy texted me that apparently I was in a baby magazine daw together with her 'inaanak", my Benedict. And she learned about this from another former officemate (holding office in Makati) I was like "huh?...i dunno!" when se asked me what magz and which pic was it...hahaha
Since the publication is not circulated in this remote area of exasperating to be living in the "mountains" at a time like this (ok, that's exag!!! :-)), so I called up my sister in Cebu to search for this Baby Magazine. Unfortunately, the few magazine stands to carry this particular magz had long since returned their May ish...understandably, it's the middle of June na bya sad, haha.

So in sheer desperation, I posted a blog here...(after checking out the girltalkmoms multiply site and even some online buddies' sites) hoping to get pointed out to a link of this particular page you are now viewing. this is where the BEST THING that has happened in relation to this...
An angel on earth by the name of MARGIE PEREZ responded to my desperate mommy's call ^_^. And this generous lady not only pointed me to a link or site where the pics are posted, but she offered to send me the magazine for FREE. I couldn't help but think that at this time when 'bogus buyers and sellers' abound in multiply, I am so lucky to be a recipient of such generosity as the one coming from Ms. Margie. She is trully a one of a kind, very generous person. As she declined my offer to pay her via G-cash the cost of the magz and the shipping man lang (she used Air 21 pa naman and I know for a fact that it doesn't cost cheap nowadays), I was really a bit ashamed coz I asked from a stranger. But considering that we have to allow blessings (free magz) to come into our lives too in order to be blessed and for some people (like Marge) to become a blessing to others (in this particular case, me ^_^)...this particular case has become a wonderful BLESSING in my life too.
And so this has left a great impact in me...not only of the lesson of blessings and generosity, but also of KARMA (a good one at that). And I smiled at the memory of my sending some online friends a few 'free stuffs' myself in the empty diaper wrapper here, an interesting link there, a copy of a song, a sample file...and more small stuffs among others. I didn't also care if I spend a few pesos in the process. Perhaps like Margie I was only after the thought that I was able to help a bit and made someone happy. Isn't that what we should all be doing once in a while? make a difference in a person's life?! It made me feel good when I was being able to help, even in just the tiniest I keep on doing that, bec. I feel good about it. Not even thinking for a bit how I have made others happy too in the process. I guess God must have allowed this particular instance to happen to let me realize a few things too...
We can all be cynical and tend to view the world and people in general negatively...but things happen at times to make us believe in the greatness of the human heart...Trully, what goes around, comes around!

And to Ms. Margie...may God bless you and your family a hundredfold! You have blessed me in so many ways. Thanks will never be enough, so I'll always include you in my prayers each night. God speed!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Benedict and his Yaya Mila in a magz

I kinda got lazy with blogging lately. So this is pretty much overdue.

My little boy appeared in the June ish of Working Mom with his dear Yaya Mila in the

"Nanny and Me" pages.

Here are the pics...

and another shot.. this was taken on my Benedict's first birthday bash which is themed "Mickey Mouse" thus the Mickey ears ^_^

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Story of Benedict and his Daddy Marlon

here's another labor of love...
just because Benedict's Dad just so deserves it!
(and not because I was not able to make him one last year...hahaha)
love you so, Babes! ayyy, this is supposed to come from Benedict man diay..."love you so, Dad!"

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Happy Father's Day!!!

a tribute to Benedict's daddy...who happens to be the love of my life :-)
our little surprise creation for you...

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