Sunday, May 15, 2005

Now have my bridal cord

Hi all! Am back from Cebu na last Monday but couldn't find the time to post here (or to check my emails for that matter) haaay, too tired from work when I reach home at 8pm. Anyway, just want to report that I was able to buy the "unity cord" that I have in mind. I was suppose to make it myself-- as DIY cord is popular in w@w (just refer to the thread abt this a few months back ;-) ) but when I saw one at St. Paul's in Ayala, I can't help but think it will be one itsy-teensy burden off my back, dba? And it feels good to be able to cross it off my list (which is still not posted til now, huhuhu)... I was also able to window shop at Oceanic (they now have a shop in Ayala) & saw bells which I can use for the bell girl part. But I didn't purchase it yet coz Auntie Heny (Marlon's tita in L.A. might be able to send us that together with the cinderella carriage which will serve as our ring holder). Well, it's still small stuffs I have tackled.
Was not able to accomplish much (wedding-related tasks) during my last trip as it was really intended to be bonding time w/ my family (my folks were also in town to visit their first apo). But it was a worthwhile trip once I get to carry the little bundle of joy in my arms.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Brand-New AUNT

It ticked my fancy! I like the thought of being called "BU-I" or "KHUY BU", but I didn't know that I'd get sooo excited like this when my 1st niece would be born. My sister gave birth to a healthy 6.6 lbs. pretty baby girl. My cousin Chen later reported that the baby's chinky-eyed and reddish. Too early to tell whom she looks like but my aunt, Mama Grace (Chen's mom) said she's a mix between my sister Grace & her husband Nolvin's feature. Well, she couldn't be prettier then. hehe (love my own!) I was really worried abt my Siobe since she texted me Tuesday night that she was feeling contractions na though the pain is still bearable pa kuno. But I was relieved when I heard that she even went out pa to watch an alumni basketball game. I thought "Ah, maybe it's not time yet coz she can even go out pa." I heard from my brother in law Wed. morning that he brought her to Chong Hua na since she was worried that the baby isn't moving. But when they got there, haha the little one is just sleeping. Anyway, we had to wait for one whole day with no news as her cervix didn't budge more than the 3-4cm opening (as we have known since her check-up Tuesday afternoon). Anyway, she was induced for the 2nd time early this morning around 8am (the 1st one was last night but to no avail as her cervix stayed at 4cm opening when checked). But it happened too fast after that. One minute me & Nolvin were talking over the celfone & me calling my Dad to make some arrangements so Nolvin will be allowed access inside the labor room, but the next minute I received a text message from him saying that Grace had already given birth -- to the beautiful baby named GIANNE ANGELIQUE.
I couldn't place my emotions. I'm feeling soooo ECSTATIC!!! Am now a certified AUNT... I remember going to the cr & released my pent up emotions there. Cudn't help but shed a tear of joy & relief that it's finally over & that my sister is safe... Truth be told, I was really scared last night. I remember that my last thoughts before I slipped into a restless slumber was frantically asking Papa God to keep my Siobe safe & the baby too. Childbirth is really amazing. You could not begin to describe how it makes you feel. It made me realize that at times like this, there's no one to turn to but God. Faith would somehow pacify your heart. Resignation to the thought that there's someone up there who's ever powerful taking good care of your love ones so you really need not worry.
I'm off to Cebu tomorrow night w/ my brother Jayr of course to be able to hold to tiny blessing in my own arms. Was able to receive some pix & video via MMS from Chen earlier, and it made me even more eager to see my niece. Cudn't wait...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

photo mosaic

here's the latest craze over the w@wies world...

just would like to thank Mai (ni Paul) for sharing the site where i've downloaded the software for photo mosaic. too bad it's for a few days only. but i was able to make a few mosaics of our photos :-)