Thursday, October 09, 2008

on Books...and Shopaholic series!

in my yahoogroup, books are currently the topic...while we are at it, may I know the correct order for the series of Shopaholic written by Sophie Kinsella? I recently got 'em coz I suddenly have 2 hrs. of free time to kill while waiting for my son in his preschool :)

I have just started with the Confessions of a Shppaholic. Can someone pls. send me the correct order so I can read it in succession? I have the ff:

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
Shopaholic Ties the Knot
Shopaholic & Sister
Shopaholic & Baby
The Undomestic Goddess

I think i still lack the Remember Me & Can You Keep a Secret...or is this still part of the series? Couldn't source it from Multiply or Ebay. Pls. point me out to a site if you'd know a seller who has both titles na so I can save on shipping fee :)

I was lucky to get all the above-mentioned titles from a multiply seller...Now, I cant wait to
read 'em :) I ahve just started with Confessions today...and so far I am hooked na :)

I would have wanted to be a part of the Book Club at Newlyweds but it would be impractical & costly for me as I am province-based. And I dont have much na in my collection coz I gave all of my Sweet Dreams/Sweet Valley/SVU collections to my youger cousins...and my Jude Deveraux, Sidney Sheldon & Danielle Steele ones to my closest friends.

Haaay! As if man sad I have the space in the house since my shelf is now occupied with Benedict's books. :) But my greatest wish will be having my own private library in our own house someday...the type where there will be wall to wall shelves which will need pa stairs to get to the topmost shelf ala Beauty & the Beast. (hahaha, a girl can always dream on!!!)

P.S. I think my Benedict is turning out to be a bookworm also :) He currently enjoys "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" in he can fill in the blanks during our storytime!!! I should remember to take a video of him doing so...for posterity's sake :) It's really cute when he would supply me with the right words at any point in our story-time. His mind is really like a sponge :) And I am celebrating the fact that he does love books too..weeeh!!! like Mommy, like son! :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

LF: iPhone 3G accessories

Just got my new toy, tee hee :)

now am looking for accessories...

there's no Apple store in my province :( so please, please kind multiply!

i am specifically looking for:

  • iPhone dock/charger --saw this one at the Globe center where i got my iPhone but they dont sell it of course.
  • silicone glove cover -- preferably in PINK (paging Mommy Carie! where did you get yours? :) what material is that?) i am currently using the Capdase one but it's in boring black color...hay!)
  • screen protector -- a good quality one, what brand can you suggest?

while we are at it, what applications would you recommend i download? i dont wanna waste much on not so interesting ones.

another Q, can i download an eBook on this? in my excitement, i totally forgot to ask the personnel who were attending to us. oh brother!

any info. you can share on this gadget will be much, much appreciated. thanks in advance to those who will reply.

God bless!!!