Thursday, September 29, 2005

foxtrot dance moves

It's our 2nd dance session tonight. We hired Malou (my belly-dancing instructress) and her dance-partner, Jojo to teach us dance moves which we will present on our reception night. This is something we want to surprise our guests with. Knowing Marlon, they won't really believe we're gonna do this! hehe

This is adding in the fun activities we do for our wedding preps. We will be working with Malou & Jojo til around Nov. to make sure we have our moves right. If anything, it's tapping the fun-side in our relationship. Believe me it can actually get boring when both of you are serious people, with serious jobs. I'm a bank employee remember & Marlon manages his uncle's agri-business. Between our busy scheds. & workaholic personalities, boy! we easily lose sight of the fun things we are missing. Now this dance practice somehow brings back the laughter.

Hope the rest of our fellow soon to be wed couples are having as much fun. October is fast approcahing, we will soon add to our "couple" activities the recitation of the rosary together. Dunno, but when we started doing this a few years back, we feel that we are being blessed more & our relationship too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

gifts for the Sponsors

reposting here a message I've posted at the W@W forum:
Hi mga pretty girls!
Today we got na the package of mini wines which we will give to our sponsors as Thank you gift. As I am based in CDO, Kelly just sent it to me via PAL (airport-to-airport) & all our communications consisted of text, fax & email messages only. But she delivered.
One of my most fave supplier si Kelly Jugo (owner of Personal Edge). Super easy to talk to. Will go out of her way to accommodate your requests, no matter how may times mo ipaulit design for the personalized wine labels. As she emailed me once when I apologized for the many times na pinaulit-ulit ko yung lay-out of the label, she only said that it's ok & even if it will take a hundred revisions ok lang daw basta ba in the end, I'll get the label that I want. O dba? Definitely a worthy find! Buti nalang ni-post ni Pebbles(hi girl, how's the newlywed?) info about her. She's a darling!
Will definitely recommend her to my friends who are thinking of giving out wines for wedding souvenirs. In fact she just informed me that she also customizes wines for Christmas give-aways too. (hmm, good idea for the corporate give-aways ;-)

Interested? Check out her merchandise:

Kelly Jugo
Personal Edge
Cellphone# 0917-577-7780; landline# 821-0567
Email add:

After dealing with her, you will feel like you've gained a friend.

Bless (babes ni Marlon) ---> still looking for ento. gifts
Sacred Heart/Grand Con, Cebu City

Pre-marriage counseling seminar & more blessings

So many blessings the last few days. I'll start with..
I received already the notice from PAG-IBIG stating that my housing loan application has finally been approved. So now, we can go ahead with the negotiation for the floor plan of our future home (take note: not just a house ha ;-)
also, took the whole day off today from work & we attended the whole day seminar required by City Health. Oh well, the usual stuff.. but we learned a bit more on the sexual side of the relationship. Perhaps we've been too good (more like really obedient, uyyy proud mi about being virgins noh! hehe) but we are so looking forward to the honeymoon. hahaha

well, a few more tasks checked off our list. hopefully, more will be checked off in the next few weeks as I intend to travel to Cebu on Oct. 15 to tackle a few more wedding-related tasks & buy the small stuffs to complete my list.

ah, before I forget, we intend to scout for a few more honeymoon destinations as many had discouraged us & advised us against going to HK as it's peak season & predicted to be the busiest as Disneyland HK has just opened recently. Hmm, maybe they are right after all. We were able to talk to one travel agency here in the locality & they offered us an Asian cruise package aboard Superstar Virgo (wow!!! dream honeymoon indeed... but only prob. is that it's also very pricey so we will scout for a few more alternatives. haay, if only we are not building our house soon). Grace told me it's the ultimate dream vacation as she & Nolvin cruised also on their honeymoon. Maybe it wont hurt to ask Shirley's advice & help. Will talk to her one of these days.

that's all for now...
before i go, wish me luck as I will be submitting my revised misalette for approval tomorrow. hope this will be approved na this time.

lastly, Jaja informed me that my invites will be available na within the week. yipee!
am excited!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

applying for a marriage license

now, we're nearing THE DAY...
prooof of that? yesterday, Marlon dropped by the office & we went to file ur application for marriage license. I've read in some posts over w@w that some were given so many requirements before they get to file their application. Good thing for us here in CDO coz it's a hassle-free process. All you have to do is drop by the City Hall & fill-up the sheet (ours was even taken out by Marlon & filled-up already when we got there) so just paid nalang the P100.00 fee then we were told to attend the City Health seminar (schedules every Wed. from 7am-5pm). We just have to present the certification that we have attended such a seminar & we can get na our license by Oct. 4. How fast is that?? My sister was amazed bec. her sis-n-law just got married recently in Cebu & they had much to accomplish daw (CENOMAR etc.) while I was not even asked for a copy of my Birth Cert. hehe
oh well, now we just have to schedule our attendance for the seminar so we can finish the requirement na ;-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

pissed off

Geez, i dont know how to handle myself. I am mad at the priest we have asked to officiate our marriage. Oh boy! What am I gonna do???
It started when I had our misalette approved. I LBC-ed a draft copy to Sacred Heart via my contact person there. Sad to say when I made a follow-up, surprise!!! almost all the salient parts (even the personalized wedding vows were marked "x") I mean, I would understand if some parts were not approved such as no unity candle lighting & blessing of the Bible daw coz it's not part of the Catholic ceremony, but the vows!!
Even the intoduction part of the wedding was crashed out. And the thanksgiving prayer we have prepared was not allowed. Not part of the mass daw :-( I doubt if Papa God would be mad if we pray before we end the wedding mass so I dont know what gives. Even the entourage listing was commented upon. I have no need daw for a Little Bride & a Bell Girl. It was marked as "they are excessive". ggrrr!
The most difficult part is that he is a friend of my Dad so there's no way we can change pa this priest. haaay, added stress... now I'm no longer looking forward to our canonical interview. good thing we have chosen to attent the Discovery Week-end this Oct. so we can avoid seeing him na for the Pre-Cana. arrrgh!
haay, since I cant seem to do anything about this anyway, will just make the best effort nalang to revise the misallette I have labored to do. Goodbye personal vows. huhuhu

Sunday, September 11, 2005

beach prenup tomorrow!

excited for an overnight stay at Midway beach resort. We will be leaving for the beach aroud 5pm (later today), but instead of packing my stuffs, here I am posting my heart both here in blogger & w@w site. hehehe.
last night we went to the mall to get a few more stuffs for the shoot (mostly props). I am quite amazed that Marlon's handling this better. Practice does makes a man perfect. Now, he complains less (I think I didn't hear anything at all last night) and he seems more eager for this.
We will be with Kuya Edwin & Ate Dul, my bro Jay-r & his ex-gf Nica (one of my bridesmaids). I haven't been to this resort but they say it's a scenic one. Trisha (a famous photog here) said it has one of the best sunsets daw. Just hope it wont be raining tom.
anyway, will post here the pics soonest.
wish us luck! muahh.. Heidi ;-)

eto na Heidi, sorry medyo natagalan. was pre-occupied kc lately. anyways, posted here na...

Seven Things That Scare Me
1.) cockroach, rats... eooww!
2.) dying unprepared
3.) meeting an accident (knock on wood)
4.) losing a family member
5.) being struck by a lightning
6.) bad dreams
7.) sex

Seven Things I Like The Most
1.) checking out my w@w mail
2.) reading a good book
3.) getting pampered w/ a body massage
4.) checking out a new place w/ Marlon or my family
5.) shopping & chatting w/ friends
6.) Hello Kitty & other butingtings
7.) Orbits chocolate milkshake... yumm!

Seven Random Facts About Me
1.) I am God-fearing and prays about all aspects in my life, even asking God to bless the tiniest detail of my plans. I am also fond of asking for signs that I am being guided in the right direction or that my decision leases Him. So far, I think I'm in the right track. He has lead me to the TRUE Love of my heart. Marlon's everything I have ever prayed for :-)
2.) I am very family-oriented. Maybe it has something to do w/ being the eldest among three siblings and also, the eldest granchild in my Dad's family side thus a certified Ama's fave apo ;-)
3.) I graduated from the University of San Carlos with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Got my degree in college for only 3 1/2 years ;-) but i didn't pass the CPA Board Exam (huhuhu)
4.) I'm a certified OC! And I am bordering towards being a perfectionist.
5.) I'm a bookworm. From romantic novels to self-help books to magazines. I cant put down whatever I get my hands unto.
6.) I'm a fun, fearless Cosmo girl. Got all issues of Cosmo from it's maiden issue til the recent one & I intend to subscribe all the days of my life.
7.) I love taking pictures! but I recently discovered (prenup hang-over) that I also love being photographed & fussed about (VAIN!!!)

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom
1.) body pillow
2.) my laptop
3.) cellphone
4.) bedside phone (for internet connection, hehe)/alarm clock
5.) tv & dvd player
6.) full-lenght mirror & make-up (vain!)
7.) books & magazines

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1.) marry my fiance Marlon
2.) have a great honeymoon vacation (and every single year thereafter, hehe)
3.) have kids (sana twins)
4.) be a successful businesswoman
5.) or be a fulfilled banker the rest of my career ;-)
6.) savor every single day of my existence
7.) go to heaven when I die :-p

Seven Things I Can Do
1.) surf the net til the wee hr of the morning every single night
2.) do the belly dance (haha, enrolled for this)
3.) sleep without dinner
4.) live on junk foods, chocolates & milkshakes alone (hey dont nag me, am trying to change this na)
5.) skip breakfast & have lunch as my first meal of the day
6.) make my niece smile
7.) design my own clothes(yah Heide I do that also. tipid noh?) & I usually do my own make-up too

Seven Things I Can’t Do:
1.) drive :-( but will try to learn after the wedding
2.) sing (can carry a tune naman konti but too shy)
3.) eat ampalaya, di ko talaga kaya.. too bitter
4.) stop buying Hello Kitty stuffs
5.) drink beer (don't like it's smell)
6.) do the sexy dance (the grind kinda thing? uhm, sorry not my cup of tea)
7.) be forced to do things I dont like (no way!)

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1.) love for God & family
2.) being lambing
3.) being responsible
4.) self-confidence ('wag naman sobra)
5.) being child-like
6.) being a clean freak
7.) being independent

Seven Things I Say The Most
1.) Babes
2.) Hi! or Hey!
3.) Please??
4.) Really?!
5.) Uh-huh
6.) Oh my God!
7.) Anyway,

Seven Celeb Crushes (Whether Local or Foreign)
1.) Richard Gere
2.) Pierce Brosnan
3.) Colin Firth
4.) Aga Muhlach
5.) Rico Yan
6.) Dominic Ochoa
7.) my BABES (eh sa celebrity sya for me, hehe)

Seven People You Want To See Take This Quiz
1.) Jacque
2.) Janix
3.) Jacq
4.) Lea
5.) Cathy
6.) Faye
7.) Chi

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

yehey! now have a florist

have another update!
last night I received a text message from Carol (co-owner of Kaye's Flower Shop) she said Arlene (her sis & co-owner) called me up daw but I wasn't home yet. Uh-uh, heavy rains stalled me. We were trapped in the mall. I was shopping for a cute umbrella & a pair of slippers (props for my wedding video shoot this week-end ;-)
Anyways, I returned Arlene's call. She told me the flower list of my bridal entourage is ok na with her. Everything in the list is fine na daw. So I should not be worrying abt it na. She just wants to talk lang bec. she thought LIRIO (a flower specie) is kinda too frail to handle that she thought of replacing it w/ something else. After we agreed on the replacement, more roses nalang instead of that lirio thing, she quickly assured me that she will make my floral arrangement beautiful so I should not worry about anthing na. Wheee! I totally trust this florist as I have seen her previous works. All I can say is that she has a very good reputation among chinese clients & I have seen pictures of her past gorgeous works too. And to top it off, di jud sya chi-bin. Even agreed to my giving a downpayment only in Oct. na, when I am scheduled to go to Cebu.. unlike some other suppliers I've met (tee, hee :-o) well, am just glad that i've nailed down another good supplier.

photo na lang ;-0 hope Papa God will bless me with a good find again.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

mini wine

posting here the final lay-out for our personalized label of the mini wine we ordered for our male entourage members as well as for our Ninongs.
it's just the usual Carlo Rossi wine bottles, but we only had the labels customized to fit our fairytale theme.
This is made by Kelly Jugo of Personal Edge. A very warm & accommodating lady who's also a joy to deal with. I would definitely recommend her if only for the fact that she is an articulate & professional person to deal with. Interested? Here's her contact info. cp#0917-577-7780, email add:
Definitely a worthy find!

yet another florist

What's good about preparing for a wedding at length is that you have the luxury to choose suppliers and review their package to the last detail. As for me, I have had the time to visit only 2 shops and another propspective florist was met by my cousin Yoyong who's coordinating the details of my wedding. But it really bugs me bec. I would often end up choosing the 1st one I've visited. It's like God telling me to trust my instinct?? or what my Dad Alex would often refer to as gut feel ;-)

Anyway, I visited Kaye's Floral Shop sometime in May. Then we had our package quoted. Unfortunately, Arlene's quotation rocketed to 92K with ceiling works & around 50K w/o it. I was immediately turned off bec. i feel that her prices were unreasonable. I hunted for another supplier & I found, Lush Blooms. Initially she quoted 32,500.00 for me after i showed her the list of my preferred flowers. wow, that's below my 50K budget! The downside nalang is that Grace told me that she's the same florist she got for her wedding & recently her sis-n-laws engagement. And they didn't get their money's worth. Ngee... But anyway, we agreed to give her a chance & see how she would fare during Cherry's wedding. We agreed to be vigilant na lang. So, ok na. Unfortunately, when i asked to have it detailed her quotation sky-rocketed to P 53+.. Uh, uh.. it didn't suit my budget very well. Prior to this diay, my cousin Yoyong met w/ Candy (a freelancer florist whom my Mama Jan referred) to discuss abt the place set-up. To his horror, this fellow doesnt even have teh basic tool at hand. We are to buy pa everything. Eeoww! so i guess I'm back to dear old Kaye's. hehehe

Yesterday, i got a faxed sample of how they will set-up my reception place. Am just awaiting the drawing they will submit for my church lay-out & sample centerpieces.
The best thing is that, they agreed to have my budget set at P 40K. See, God really has a hand at this. He must know how harrassed I feel at night when I pray to him to send me his chosen supplier as I am tired of thinking na whom to book. hehe

Soon will post here the lay-out of my reception & church venues.
Hmmm, 3 months nalang!

my customized wax seal

to complete the royalty look on my invites, Jaja (my invite supplier-friend) suggested that we use a wax seal. Actually we will be using colored gluesticks bec it's cheaper that way ;-) It's quite a challenge looking for a supplier here as we are both CDO-based. Good thing that the internet is a very handy tool nowadays. It's not only that I get my thoughts published like this ;-) also that I found a haven of bride's to be community in w@w. It was in the magz (Wedding Essentials) that i found the necessary info. of sourcing a wax stamper supplier who would customize. So, I ordered na the stamper from Norman LLeses (of YRL Design & Print). It will be sized like a 5-peso coin to match my 9 1/2 x 6 invite size.

to view it, here's the link --->