Wednesday, August 31, 2005

kilig story

last night as I am about to sign on to another evening of reading w@w mails, Marlon stopped me on track when he said we should start reading na daw our misalette so we will be familiar with our respective vows. aaawww, I couldn't trade that one with anything in the world. So not even if it's like a part of me is not complete if I haven't checked my mail, I quickly closed the laptop in front of me & climbed to bed to read (aloud) with him. hehehe. I sounded like a pre-schooler noh? being forced to do my homework by my mom. hehehe

we were both giddy (so in love?? ;-) that's why we keep on going back to the 1st line. After a while we gave up on the idea of reading aloud coz for some unknown reason, the vows we both are gonna pronounce in front of family & friends soon are making us laugh now. hehehe

a few more tries and we finally were able to "practice". somehow we both turned serious & got both teary-eyed. we even talked a bit more about the future... our plans, our hopes, our dreams... we ended up praying for the good things that had come, for better things to come and for us to always be in love ;-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


4 months to go... panic mode na me :-( still have to finalize so many things. La pa ko florist & photogs.

Things I'll have to do tom:
- finalize contract w/ Shine Photography & deposit payment if accomplished
- contact Kelly Hugo for the mini wine order
- keep in touch w/ Lush Blooms, ask for sample pix on arrangements requested
- send misallete for approval to Sacred Heart

phew! a lot of things to accomplish pa... huhuhu... i really need to focus. Promise to nail down my suppliers na soonest so I can move on to the smaller details. Anyway, if there's anything good that came out of my day today, I had a lengthy discussion w/ Rommel (Ricafort of Shine Photography) and after much thought & comparison w/ the suppliers I have talked to before, Marlon & I decided to book him as our photog. We're just now in the contract finalization process. Hopefully, we can close the deal na by tom.
Another thing, when I called up Ms. Daphne (Barliso of Sacred Heart) to ask if I can have the misalette approved na, she told me to send it na lang daw via fax. Nge, it's too long noh. Told her I'd send it via LBC instead along with a TY card for Fr. Ben. She's very accommodating man sad.
Well, need to sleep na.
nyt, nyt! pray that I will have a fruitful day tom. muah ;-*

our Save The Date cards

Here's the final lay-out of our Save The Date cards which we included in the gifts we gave to our Female Principal Sponsors. We gave out fuchsia pink colored georgette cloths that they can use for our wedding day. Will post the pix of the gifts soon. Cam not with me man gud right now.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

lay-out of my wedding invitations

just got a word from Jaja today that we are to meet on Saturday for the final lay-out of my invites ;-) I'm so excited to see how it will turn out. She's one supplier who treats me more like a friend than a customer. I can't stop raving about this gal. And her bf, Ian is God-sent too. He was the one who suggested during the bridal fair at SM to have a window inner envelope especially made for us, with the window shaped like a castle. Whoooa!!! who can resist that :-0 the lining will be a transluscent white material as gold is not available. Nonetheless, I saw the effect on Corinne's invites and it's fabulous!

as discussed previously, we will have a three-page invite w/ matte gold prints except for our names & the castle (which will be stamped in fuchsia pink) on the main invite, and 2 ento. sheets, all in matte gold print still except for the words "ONG-ANG NUPTIAL" embossed in fuchsia pink. Rate for this set is very affordable, trust me. Her quotes will give Manila-based suppliers a run for their money. PM me if you are interested. She told me she can do an invite via email correspondence.

Take a peek, here's a preview of what's to come as the anouncement to our special event:

first sheet for the entourage

2nd sheet for the entourage

main invite

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gimiks w/ Gianne & my cousins

A trip to Cebu no matter how tiring is always a welcome change for me. No other place in the world makes me smile as the Queen City of the South. Anyway, I got to spend time w/ my relatives. I stayed at Mama Grace's apartment with my cousins, Chen & Ryan. They accompanied me to my appointments. In the morning of Saturday, Grace (my pretty Siobe) brought Gianne (my prettier niece, hehe) and met with us at the shop of our prospective florist. Had lunch with them at Bigby's in Ayala. The entire day was spent with each other. I am always glad to be able to spend quality time w/ my niece, who's charm esp. when she smiles & shows her toothless grin, can really melt my heart.
A few pix of our laags...

Cant wait for next time.

1st gown fitting

Hello there!
just got back from a week-end trip in Cebu where my main task is to have the lining of my bridal gown fitted on me. accomplished it ;-) I was also able to meet with a prospective florist. All is well until my sister Grace arrived & identified her as the florist she had for her wedding (yikes! her floral arrangement is not that nice) also, they had a recent not so well experience during the engagement party of her sis-in-law last April bec. again the said florist did not deliver as agreed. Sayang bec. she really has a nice & affordable package as she is a direct importer of premium flowers. She has a flower stall in Dangwa man gud. Oh well, i wont sweat about it yet. I'll wait for Cherry's (Grace sis-n-law) wedding sa & see if she will deliver as agreed bec. she has a new arranger man daw.
will post here soon a pix of me & my couturier JUDE ELARDO, the one & only choice of mine to do my gown as well as my entourage's.

Monday, August 08, 2005

personalized cake topper

Whooa! I've just checked my digest w@w mails for the day, and guess what had caught my attention? Hayy, here I am again with my WEDDING WANTS... i really want to have a personalized cake topper. Now I am thinking isn't P 8,500.00 (7,500 for the topper & P1,000.00 fdelivery fee) too much for such an item? It's kinda costly :-( so, will just wait & see. If there will be extra money left after the essentials will be paid for na, this is definitely top of the list of my WANT TO HAVE...
here's the link -->

no emcee yet :-(

Bad news! I texted the emcee that my cousin Yoyong (who's also my OTD coordinator) recommended. Too bad, he's booked na on my wedding day :-( Sayang! I've heard of mostly good reviews pa raba about him. Everyone thinks he's a good one. Oh well, he's not available, so maybe he's not perfect for me. God only sends me perfect suppliers (perfect to my budget & specifications anyway, hehe). So, the hunt for the emcee continues... I'm sure God will send a certain angel to save the day soon.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

our future abode

Dropped by the site of our future home today. It's eciting to see our house rise from the ground. It's just a low-cost housing project of PAG-IBIG but to my Honey & I it means a lot coz we will be paying this ourselves. And we have a beautiful plan on how to make it a HOME & not just an empty house.
With lots of prayers and love for each other & our future kids (just want 2), I can say that we have a bright future ahead. As we are heading to our future homesite, some thoughts crossed my mind. In about 4 months, I'm gonna change my family name. But more than that, I will be living in a new house & will play a new role. A few months ago, I panicked at the thought. Looking back, I can only smile at myself now. hehe (",) Why am I fearing all these changes eh, it's just my Babes I'm going to live with. Slowly, I'm getting myself accustomed to the idea that I'll be waking up with someone beside me every single day for the rest of my life. Now, that's pretty exciting!!!


Alynn tagged me. So I'm passing this on to my fellow W@WIES:

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you?
blogging/surfing the net or curling up w/ a good book or a magazine

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?
a deep breath & knowing that God won't forsake me. Praying does wonders!
and of course a good talk w/ my Honey.

3. Tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs.


Pre-nup pictorial w/Trisha Tamparong

Got our pictures yesterday from our pictorial session w/ Trisha last Thursday. Had fun during that shoot as we had some shower of petals effect. Hayyy, more than ever it made me think of having loose petals lined on the aisle of Sacred Heart. I've posted a message to Aggie (a co-w@wie) na to ask for feedback on how she did hers. Back to the pictorial..Trisha is a very cool photog, as she is young (like she belongs to our age group, i think) so she has a different approach on her subjects. Take our case, Marlon is a very shy person & we almost decided not to go through a pictorial session (w/ anyone) at all!! Good thing though that we were able to work it out. Pero surprise, surprise! come the day of the pictorial, he's more relaxed that I was. I think he loved the shoot more than I did (na-conscious ko coz I'm constantly on the look-out if he is enjoying the activity). Poor me! hehe Will post the link here so u can check out our pix.
We had two sessions actually w/ Trisha (she's a known photog here in CDO). Last Thurday was the casual shoot while yday we sat with her for the formals. I got na the pix for the casual & cant wait to get my hands on the result of yday's pictorial too. Now we get the feel of how it will be on our wedding day na!
check out the link to our studio pictorial here; click on "prenup w/ Trisha"

Saturday, August 06, 2005

now have an officiating priest

I called up the office of Sacred Heart Parish to inquire if they were able to receive my letter via LBC. That letter was for REV.FR. BENJAMIN Y. SIM, S.J., whom we have asked to officiate our wedding. Incidentally, he is the parish priest of Sacred Heart & a very good friend of Dad Alex's younger sister.
When we were in Cebu last month, we asked for an appointment with him so we can meet him personally. Too bad he was not in town as he attended a pilgrimage then. What we did nalang was to ask the personnel there if she can ask Fr. Ben if he is willing to grant our request.
When I called up today, Daphne (who's also the head of the choir group we have chosen)gladly informed me that Fr. Ben had put an OK note on the letter I have sent.
So there goes, we can now be wed, have a priest na to officiate!!!