Monday, November 08, 2004

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Our Engagement Party

It’s the morning after our “engagement party”. It’s really fun last night! Though not the perfect circumstance…neither was it the perfect party, nor the one I’ve been dreaming about, but just the same, it’s fun. If anything, there was no hitch. No major drama. And quite organized. Best of all, it was attended by my loved ones, and special people who are really close to us as a couple. If anything, I should be thankful that I have a very understanding husband-to-be (oi ha, new term) and a loving one at that. He’s not perfect and in fact couldn’t read my mind nor totally fathom what I want, but as my Dad had pointed out, I myself at times can’t also tell what is it exactly that I want. So I should be fair. Hehe…

I didn’t get the “engagement party” I had in mind ever since I was a child. Used to working on what I want, I feel so down because everything’s turning out different from what I had dreamed of for years. But I have no one to blame but myself. All these years, I haven’t exactly communicated with my then boyfriend, now-fiance that I am longing for a Chinese engagement party, with all the frills and elaborate planning.

I guess the love for Chinese tradition came from way back in elementary bec. I went to a Chinese school. Even as a child, I envy the pure-blooded Chinese classmates of mine who celebrates evrything Chinoy like the Chinese New Year with all the frenzy. As I grow old, I channeled my love for the tradition to Chinese weddings & everything that goes with it. How I wish it was different. But I couldn’t change the person whom my heart chooses. And although, he’s chinky-eyed & is a pure-blooded one, he doesn’t speak the language nor care about the traditions. He wasn’t sent to a Chinese school so the love for the tradition is not enculcated in his mind.

But everything went well anyway, he has no idea that I was disappointed in any way. And if there’s anything Chinese about our party, it’s the cake I myself had ordered. It’s a double happiness twin cake variety. And oh, the double happiness sign that my ever-artistic Siobe herself did for her own wedding last July. If anything, it cheered me up! And the fact that though I didn’t get the party of my dreams, I still have the man of my dreams. After all it’s what matters the most.

In fairness, I can’t thank my family enough for all the love & support they have extended to us. And Marlon’s family as well because they had been good to me right from the start. Grace, pregnant and all made it to our engagement with her equally busy husband Nolvin, my brother in law. (I still am not used to the idea of having one:-) My Mama & Dad are both there inspite of all the differences & arguments that we have had prior to this engagement party. Together with Jay-r, his girlfriend Monica is there also. My cousin, Chen-chen along with her parents, Mama Grace & Papa Bito made it to our engagement party too. They are the closest family to us. They are like our surrogate parents all those years in Cebu. Mama Grace especially is like my own dear second Mom. And Chen’s my closest cousin.

In his side of the family, his ever-supportive Ate Dulce came together with Kuya Edwin, Marlon's brother in law. Also, his Uncle Vic & Auntie Azon came all the way from Malabang, with police escorts in tow. I really appreciate how they had shown support inspite of the far travel & the danger in going out of Marlon’s hometown. As for his Mom’s side, Nana & Nono came with the ever-supportive Auntie Mel and Auntie Tata. I forgot to mention, Auntie Baby Utar also came. Worthy to mention is the attendance of Uncle William & Auntie Tessie together with their son Wiwil. I know how hectic their schedules are that’s why I truly appreciate their efforts in taking time out to be able to make it to our engagement party.

For family friends, I have to start with the person I look up to as second father- my Dad Alex, who had been so busy with entertaining our guests from the time we arrived there. I couldn’t imagine how it would be without his help. Herbert, Dad Alex’s son, who is Marlon’s bestfriend also took time to be with us. Some other special family friends were there too-Uncle Nonoy & Tita Lorna with Ma-an, Uncle Siote & Tita Auring with Mahal, our barkada Tootsie, Uncle Samuel & Auntie Rebecca’s with Joy-joy, Auntie Lita and adopted son, Ma’am Inday and Auntie Bebie (Villas), even Tita Julie (Cebedo) with friend came. Also present was Rev. Fr. Belleno, who’s a priest close to my heart.

All in all, it was a night worth remembering!!! Well, one can't have it all.

Maiden Post...

This is the pilot post of a newly-engaged girl. I am soo looking forward to chronicling my wedding preparations here so that I will have something I can always go back to as years would pass. I know that soon I will be having headaches over some stuffs as I go along the preps, but as of now I am just enjoying the bliss of being a "fiancee", maybe not so different from being the gf of 8 years now (yes, you read right, we are 8 years into the relationship & no break-ups). Well, we also had our share of troubles in paradise but always it's resolved before we come to a point of breaking up. There are days when we decide to just keep our distance from each other instead of saying horrible things we can no longer take back when our heads had both cooled down. It has not been easy but we managed to sail along. Most of the time, we are simply enjoying being with each other but we do have our share of arguments-petty and reasonable ones (who hasn't?).

Well, I'll be raving some more about our wedding preps in the coming days. Hopefully I get to post our love story here sometime in the future ( if & when the inspiration would hit me, hehe). So this is all for now.

Bdw, I found this wonderful yahoo group called Weddings @ Work, and this is where I've discovered this Blogger site too. I just hope I'd be able to learn this blogging stuff as I really am not so good at computer thing..