Friday, April 22, 2005

Belly Dancing

I'm hooked in my new hobby ---> belly dancing! Would you believe??? me, of all people.. hehe But the thing is, I am enjoying it!!! This is my 2nd session coz I started last Saturday. After the activity, my muscles are not as sore as the first time. Waaah, as in I have to apply Bengay jud last Sat.
You might think that a skinny person like me need not engage in such an activity, but before you say anything, TRY IT!! I promise if your instructor is as good as mine, you'll soon be hooked, just as I am now. hehehe
Just to prove my point, last Sunday I went to SM (last day of their 3-day sale) to look for the Belly Dancing instructional VCD of Andrea Del Rosario & Regine Tolentino. Although I enjoy going to the gym coz I get to see myself in the full-length mirror. VAIN!
Hopefully I get better in this in time. If not, I'll have this body pressure-cooked so I can do the "shimmy". hehehe. Ambisyosa!
Those who are still self-conscious, I promise this is one hobby worth your while. As you go along, you will also enjoy the benefit of a boosted self-esteem & a good body posture. As for me, my aim is to have a bikini-worthy abs come my honeymoon. (i wish!)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

This will be the suit Marlon will wear on our altar date. Posted by Hello

As designed by JUDE ELARDO  Posted by Hello

The perspective of my DREAM WEDDING CAKE... wow! whoever said that fairytales don't come true has not met my Honey yet or my cake designer for that matter. Yipeee!!! " dreams do come true.. Mine did when I met you..." Posted by Hello