Saturday, July 26, 2008

Benedict's 2nd Birthday Preps

Barely a month to go before my little one turns TWO (2). How time flies!

We have long ago decided that we will be throwing him a Disney Cars-themed party as he is currently obsessed with the movie. Oh yeah, he will watch the same flick every single day without miss, sometimes even twice a day if we would allow him to. Haay! Such a big fan that his Daddy and I alternately buy him the Megabloks collection of these characters, as well as the die-cast toys. Although I have kept all the die-cast ones in the closet na. I dont like tripping over them and I think Benedict is way too young to be able to take good care of them pa. Hay, my heart goes to the Mc Queen die-cast all chipped and dented na for banging with his other die-cast collections. And they dont come cheap ha.

Anyway, I have already booked the services of Party Mascot to host my son's party. Most of items for the loot bags as well as the prizes are bought na from 168 courtesy of my SIL. Thank goodness for sisters-in-law who's really more like my own sis. (I am one of the luck ones!)

His cake will be made by Carol Cheng of Cake Studio this time around. And we have recently ordered a bunch of cupcakes and a moist choco cake from her...and most of the recommendees are right, she bakes them yummy! I am crossing my fingers that Carol will be able to execute the design that we have in mind. This is one of the stuffs I am sooo excited about.

Another thing is the custom-made race car suit I have ordered from a fellow multiply-mommy who had a Cars-themed party for his son previously. Ms. Vimz, as I call her is such an accommodating person, even suggesting a few stuffs here and there on the outfit and some recommendations on where to buy some of the stuffs for prizes. Fortunately, Disney Cars merchandise abound at 168 Mall. And I was also able to source out some stuffs at local NBS and Toy Kingdom branches. As well as in the department stores of SM, Ayala, Limketkai and Gaisano.

I still have much to accomplish as I intend to do some things myself. But its always a joy to do stuffs for my precious tiny tike. I know he is going to have a very happy birthday.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free trial class for Benedict at Kumon Center

Late this afternoon, as in around 6 pm, we brought Benedict to the local Kumon Center in Macasandig. Few weeks ago, I visited the center in search for the elusive Kumon First Steps workbooks. I got to talk to Teacher Elaine, whom I have asked about the workbooks. Although she said that those workbooks are actually printed by Kumon Inc. and they dont carry it at the centers because they are using photocopied materials to save on cost, but nonetheless, the materials they are using are comparably good if not far better bec. it is accompanied by a guiding teacher.

She got interested to meet my little boy, when I asked about the earliest age I can have my son enrolled at the center. Although at first she was actually reluctant especially when I mentioned that he is barely 2 years old, she changed her mind and asked to meet my son upon learning that my wee little baby (he will always be such to me) knows the alphabet, numbers and colors already, among others.

I never really intend to bring him back sooner. Instead we were looking at a playgroup or toddlers school for him. But my hubby said we have really nothing to lose if we have him assessed by them. If they will find him ready fort he program, then we enroll him. The moment we feel that he does not like it there at all, or the activities are too difficult, boring or plainly not meant for him, then we pull him out. So there, with that kind of reasoning, we brought him to the center.

A kindly teacher, whom I havent really asked for her name (shame on me!) approached us, and my baby immediately befriended her. So she took him to the pre-school area, and gave him a 'matching' test...a magnetic pad was laid out in front of him with the numbers 1-10 written, and Benedict has to match the appropriate button with the corresponding 1-10 numbers also. And I was very much pleased when he got it all right. hurray!!!

He became good at 'matching games' bec. of a Disney Cars game given to him by his Ah Ko, but that is entirely a different story na. Suffice to say that I should post a video of him doing the matching game soon. It's cute!

Anyway, back to Kumon...the teacher was impressed that he matched all 10 numbers correctly that she told us to bring Benedict back to the center on Monday so that he can try the activities that they have. And it's all for free, for two weeks at least. We are actually given a free-hand in choosing what time we would want to bring him in, but Marlon thinks it's best if we bring him between the 8:00-10:00 am sched. which is allotted for pre-schoolers like himself.

Oh I am so excited for my little one. I just hope he enjoys the experience. ^_^

P.S. I'd like to make a special mention to Mommy Carie, thanks so much for all the information about the Kumon Center nearest us. I am inspired by your daughter's progress with Kumon that's why I am letting Benedict try it out himself.

If ever he will be taken in, he will be the youngest student ever in this particular center. ^_^ It's going to be another milestone for him.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PRE-ORDER for Kumon Workbooks now open at TINY TIKES

Hello Mommy friends!

You might be interested to check out these cool workbooks for your toddlers. We are running a PRE-ORDER for a limited time only. I just thought of giving some of my mommy chums a chance to grab a copy of these elusive Kumon worksheets.

Promise we have searched high & low for these stuffs before my partner & I finally decided to purchase this in the US, disheartened that the few NBS branches carrying out copies have either limited titles or totally run out of stock!

Anyway, if you are interested, click this link here:

God bless!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Kumon Workbooks

Just a couple of days ago, I was browsin' Mommy Tin's site again (have you noticed Mommy Tin? I am always making 'tambay' on your site?...aside from getting mesmerized over cutie Vien kc, I also learn a lot from your leads...esp along crafts and activities for the kids). And I came across some pics of Vien using her Kumon books.

I got immediately interested when I learned that those activity workbooks are good even for 2 year old toddlers. (Big thanks to Mommy Tin for sharing the site And to top it off, it's locally available at NBS. No waiting for more than a month for imported items to be bought from the US.

A quick visit to NBS-SM Branch here yielded me only the My First Book of Maze title. I had them call their LKK branch but unfortunately, as mostly the case, the saleclerks are so lazy to check their they said they dont have it daw. But when I personally went there, I saw some other titles in their shelves. Hay!

Anyway, I got the ff. books: My First Book of Coloring, More Let's Cut Paper!, More Let's Sticker & Paste! and More Let's Fold! And I learned that these books should be used sequentially. Or at least according to the supervisor I have talked to at NBS. I still have to visit one more NBS branch in Cogon to check on their availability, but I also asked my friend Che to help me look for 'em at NBS-Cebu branches. Hay, may na lang I am blessed with friends like her!

I have yet to get a copy of Let's Color!, Let's Fold!, Let's Cut Paper! and Let's Sticker & Paste! (which are actually the first books in the series) As well as the MORE Let's Color! copy (which belongs to the second books in the series together with the titles...MORE Let's Fold!, MORE Let's Cut Paper! and MORE Let's Sticker & Paste!). I am also on the look-out of the next book in the line My First Book of Tracing...which is the pre-requisite to the other titles including the My First Book of Mazes, which I already bought and My First Book of Cutting, which I am still hunting for. Mommy Tin, if you are reading this post, I gathered this info. from a supervisor at our local NBS here when I placed an order for the rest of the titles I am looking for.

I am getting excited to get started with these new activity workbooks. I feel like I am a pre-schooler too...all giddy with anticipation and excitement. Hay! I just love being a mom!!! Even if it entails all the tedious domestic tasks...All it takes is my little boy's tiny little arms wrapped around my neck from behind, and a soft "i wub you mommy!" to melt my heart.

Benedict is starting to learn Phonics

I've always been on the look-out for the latest technology, books, activities for my active toddler.

These days he enjoys sharing my laptop with me...nope not his V-Tech, but mine...all because it has "ABC's" on it..hehe.

A few months back I've read Mommy Tin's post about and I started to show it to Benedict. Right away, his attention was captured. Since he knows na all the letters of the alphabet, he is enjoying starfall the more. He has gained more words to add to his growing vocabulary, courtesy of starfall among others. (Thanks a lot to Mommy Tin for sharing about it!)

His current fave is the letter O bec. he loves the juggling "ac-pus" (octopus), as well as the letter U bec of the bus and the sun. I can only hope he will soon get to practice reading when he masters the phonics too.

I still play Leap Frog's Letter Factory every other day, although I must admit between Leap, Lily and Tad AND Lightning McQueen, Sally and Doc Hudson, my son seems to enjoy the Disney Cars movies more...hahaha.

But his progress is remarkable. The little boy is also fascinated with colors and numbers as well. He can now identify different shades including pink, brown, gray...but his fave still remains to be "phurr-phu" (purple). I'd say, it must be the influence of Barney!

He can also identify all the numbers from 1-10 although he gets confused with the numbers 6 and 9 at times.

I am so pleased that Benedict is showing interest in the basic pre-school stuffs. Especially since he is a boy, that's one less concern for me...hoping that this early start will also make him get a head start on a good study habit.

At times, I also get worried as he is not exposed to so many kids his own age..that his emotional growth might be stunted. Or that he would grow up spoiled and not be able to learn the value of sharing. But when I see him offer his toys and books to some playmates/neighbors who drops by from time to time, my heart smiles. I have nothing to worry after all.

I am eager to see him start to read soon...another milestone!