Thursday, August 21, 2008

Benedict's Disney Cars spoof license invite

Benedict's party invites!

posted late for security reasons ...given the close proximity of our location to the place where the MILF members are...

invites lay-out done by a very competent artist friend of my cousin, ROLANDO PASCUA ( All printing done by my cousin MICKIE's staff. Race car pictorial covered by Michelle Lee Go ( who also owns the Studio 125 in Colon St., Cebu City.

Design actually copied (just altered a bit) from a fellow n@wie Mommy Joy, who's son Santino also celebrated a Disney Cars-themed party years ago. Thanks sis!

front sticker label

(DIY design label by Mom ) merely using the program Word =D

sticker cut-outs mostly done by my ever-reliable nanny, Yaya Mila and househelp, Jeverlyn - my super-assistants!

back sticker

design specially made by Mr. Art Mendoza ( for Benedict's race car suit

here's the over-all look of the invites (all 180 pcs. of them!)

can you just imagine how our hands looked after cutting 360 pcs. of stickers?

it is trully a labor of love!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New owner of my Asus eee pc ^_^

Every once in a while, or shall i say every single day (which is really a more apt description) my Benedict woul come up to me in my work area and ask to be sitted on my lap and play with my laptop. His fave sites?

STARFALL- hands-down his most preferred!

FISHER PRICE- coming in second to starfall (esp. the colors & shapes game)

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY - who can resist this?! of course Mickey Mouse tops his list, but coming closely is Handy Manny...he loves hammers & tools =D

I encourage his curiosity, but I do limit his computer time...only because of the radiation.

But since he found out that my eee pc is a real computer and unlike his V-Tech laptop toy, ayyy there's no stopping him from getting it out from my bag. The funny thing is that he would want me to set it up on his table...hmmm, quite territorial na at his age ha.

And so, I dont own my Asus anymore...I gladly relinquished ownership to my fave little boy in the whole wide world...

Enjoy his pics...

look at his expression?!!!

i think he has just discovered that this little "thingie" does work! hahaha

and so I can work peacefully on my own laptop while he does his thing on my (now his) Asus

The good thing is that he knows how to press the SPACE BAR or the RIGHT ARROW to make the screen move to the next... and in the case of starfall, he will choose the letters and press ENTER to make it work. Ayyy, lupig si Daddy, hahaha.

Maybe it's time for me to get those Macbook babies?!! *wink*

Dress Rehearsal

I cant resist not blogging on this...

Would have waited til end of August before I publish the whole batch of pics for the month, but my excitement got the better of me. It's the first time my Benedict will march down the aisle as part of the wedding entourage of his Tita Grace, Marlon's first cousin in Cebu.

We are flying to my fave city - the Queen City of the South on Wednesday. The wedding will be on Thursday na.

I actually didn't make much preparation... except for asking my dear cousin Mickie to schedule a family photoshoot for us. I'd want my little one's first time in a barong captured for posterity. And a good excuse for a family photo also, hehe.. gi-una pa ang photoshoot, nyahaha!

If not for the timely discussion over at newlyweds, I wouldn't have bothered to make my tiny tike "practice" marching down the aisle. Thanks Jessie for the timely posting...and to Roslyn (ni Allan) for the many tips. I actually had Benedict walk carrying a hardbound book of mine, to mimic the feel of a bible. I hope when it's time for the real march, he would walk down the aisle by himself. But if not, Mommy's ever-ready to hold his hand..haha. I always do this for my relatives and friends' weddings.

So here's a few shots of my Benedict doing his practice walk down the aisle...

carrying his "bible" again...

not interested to practice walking anymore..

It's interesting to note though that I have included in our practice a pause in his walking so he can look at the camera. I was telling him " that the cameraman can take your picture", and he would oblige me and pause on cue. I think he pretty much understands what I am saying. But the thing is, after every shot I take, he would run to me to check on my cam his pic. A case of nepotism??!! ngee! I am wondering what will happen on the wedding day itself?! will he run to the cameraman to check on his pic? hahaha...

Oh well, here's a few pose from the Bible bearer for Tita Grace's wedding...

before we were successful in getting him to wear the barong am i cute? ^_^

save for the 'brown' shoes (bought his black shoes a while ago lang) and the sleeveless undershirt (still in the laundry as of practice time)... this is going to be his outfit na

what do you think???!!

And since he wont wear his barong, his Daddy Marlon had to wear his for Benedict to follow suit. And Mommy's camera is happily clicking...though my subjects are both reluctant models.

dress rehearsal

Daddy Marlon and his mini-me...

I just hope Benedict will be comfortable enough to march down the aisle on Thursday. Hay, as expected both his Daddy and I are more excited for him.

Wish us luck!!!

One Sunday in July...

One Sunday family bonding at Ketkai...

After attending mass at the Atrium, had a quick lunch at Shakey's and headed to Benedict's fave play area...World's of Fun, where he got to try a new ride...the cars, oh i think he was driving the jeep in these pics..

And we tried a new "bouncer" set-up at Ketkai. For 30 mins. trial fee is only Php 45. And good thing we only tried that coz barely 10 mins. and my boy wants out na. He is intimidated with the older kids jumping & playing about. And since it's the first time he gets to try this, I personally accompanied him inside...and Yaya served as the photog.

look at him bounce ...and crawl

and bounce some more!

"let's race Mom" ...ready, set, go!

getting the hang of it... see?! he's not even scared to slide on his own now =D

I was not really up for it, I got so sweaty and tired after just a half-hour of this physical activity. In fact we didn't really finish the full half-hour sched. we paid for. Phew!!! It was fun but tiring! But worth all the little boy was grinning ear-to-ear afterwards.

If only it's not his nap time yet...but he was so sleepy na and he eagerly took his waiting bottle of milk. And of to dreamland he went napping on his stroller.

While the daddy and me gets time to shop things for ourselves and the household too. Nowadays, we do groceries last as the little one loves accompanying us inside the supermarket na. Initially, he loves watching those seafoods at the wet section. He loves pointing out the fish, crabs and shrimps. As well as the fruits and vegetables. I figured it's a good thing to let him learn its name so we encourage it. And also, lately, he is not content with playing with his toy grocery carts, he loves wheeling the real thing na.

Benedict getting ready to do is own grocery-shopping!

What amuses me with the little boy is that he loves to drive those carts for me while I do my choosing of stuffs from the grocery. I find it very sweet that he waits around while I inspect the stuffs we need. Kinda like my small "driver"! And in these aspect he is so much like his Dad who would patiently wait for me when I do my shopping spree. Hay, my little boy is growing up soo fast. waaah!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Special Project: Rosary Beads for Baby Hannah

I am humbled when I have read through the home page of Baby Hannah. And I admire the love of her parents which served as their motivation for this particular project. And I share in their devotion to Mama Mary and praying the rosary.

Thanks to a n@wie sister, MARIE for sharing this.

I have allotted a part of Benedict's party funds to help support their cause. I am so moved and am beyond words for the courage and determination her parents have shown. They are very good models and Baby Hannah is very lucky to have been born into their family.

Instead of buying another party item I can do without...or another toy for my little boy, I'll instead help in Baby Hannah's cause and hope to spread the word around to my friends and family members as well.

We all can help in our own little ways...especially in praying for Baby Hannah. And if our funds would permit, in buying her mom's specially crafted rosary beads to help the precious little girl buy her own portable respirator.

Here's the link to her page -->

God bless us all!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Benedict's Milestone Chart at 24 months ^_^

I was amazed to learn that 2 year olds are referred to as PRESCHOOLERS and no longer as toddlers.

Yey! I'll soon have a preschooler in our home after the Benedict, who will always remain "my baby" no matter how old he will grow. After all, I'll always be his mom. ^_^

I am making this chart personalized based on the development and milestone achievement of my little boy. Kinda like a checklist for me too, for the aspects I have not even bothered to check if he is developing right on track. I hope to get to track down my little ones strength and weaknesses too through this chart...

SOURCE: BabyCenter/Parent Center

Child's Age
Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
19 months • Uses a spoon and fork (started to eat on his own at 22 months)
• Runs
Throws a ball underhand
• Enjoys helping around the house
(if you mean making more mess, then he is definitely a great help, teehee ^_^...oh he helps pack away his toys)
• Understands as many as 200 words (hmm, he does seem to understand what i tell him most of the time)
• Recognizes when something is wrong (e.g., calling a dog a cat)
Washes and dries own hands with help
• Points to picture or object when you call it by name
• May know when she needs to pee (am not so sure about this, how do i know? he is always in diapers & he does not tell me he needs to pee)
20 months

Feeds doll (waah we dont play with dolls! mahihimatay ang Daddy nya nun, LOL! feeds his toy cars instead)

Takes off own clothes (still with a little help from mom)
• Dumps an object in imitation, such as throwing garbage away (oh he's good at throwing his dirty clothes into the laundry bin)

Learns words at a rate of ten or more a day (even amazed me when he learned the character names of his new fave movie, Disney Cars)
• Can walk up stairs (but probably not down) still needs to be guided - held by hand in going down
• May start exploring genitals (oh i am soo glad this is normal part of his development...i was getting worried my son is turning into a pervert! hahaha)
Draws a straight line
• Names several body parts (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue, hair, head, mouth, neck, tummy, belly button, shoulders, hands, fingers, feet, toes as well as its chinese counterpart)
21 months • Can walk up stairs (still with Yaya right behind him)
• Able to set simple goals (e.g., deciding to put a toy in a certain place)
Throws a ball overhand (he can actually shoot it inside the ring)
Kicks ball forward
• Stacks six blocks
(but easily gets frustrated when it topples down at 4)
• Names simple picture in a book
• Can
walk down stairs (with assistance)
22 months Kicks ball forward
• Follows
two-step requests (e.g., "Get your doll and bring it here")
• Does simple puzzles (only the wooden ones)
Draws a straight line
• Names several body parts
Puts on loose-fitting clothes (can only get his arms thru the armholes)
• Might be ready for a big bed (i think its the mommy who is not yet ready, haha)
• Understands opposites (e.g., tall vs. short)
23 months • Names simple picture in a book
• Uses
50 to 70 words (i should make count of his learned words to date, but i think it can safety surpass the 70 quota)
• Opens doors (i forgot to blog about this but he can now open close our bathroom and closet doors)
Sings simple tunes (not in sync =D first song: beep, beep..small jeep! taught by Gua Ma)
• Takes more of an interest in playing with other kids (he's always been friendly esp. with older kids...loves to tag along)
• Talks about self (likes, dislikes) (loves: cars, Mc Queen & company, Mickey Mouse & co., ""Thomas & fweinds" trains, cars, planes...HATES: eating, nap time)
• Asks "why?" (not yet...only "whassat?" (what's that?) and says "see!" when he wants to stress a point..haha!
24 months • Names at least six body parts (added: arms, legs, elbow, knees, ankle)
• Half of speech is understandable
• Makes
two- to three-word sentences
• Talks about self (and refers to himself as "Enedict" or "E-Sim - his chinese name)
• Arranges things in categories (cars grouped together, another group for blocks, etc..)
• Can walk down stairs (still and will always be aided for my peace of mind)
• Begins to understand abstract concepts (e.g., sooner and later) but does not mean he wont throw tantrums if he does not get his way right away =D
• Becomes attuned to gender differences (just recently pointed out that "dad=boy, E-Sim=boy, mommy=girl" weeeh!
• Learns to jump ( i think he has learned this ages ago, he is now a pro!)

Child's Age
Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
25 and 26 months • Stacks six blocks
Walks with smooth heel-to-toe motion
Uses pronouns (e.g., I, me, you) still refers to himself as "Enedict or E-sim" and to me as "mommy"
Washes and dries own hands
Speaks clearly most of the time
Draws a vertical line
27 and 28 months Jumps with both feet
• Opens doors
Understands descriptions (e.g., big, soft)
Draws a vertical line
• Starts to recognize ABCs (at 17 mos.)
Balances on one foot
29 and 30 months Brushes teeth with help
Washes and dries own hands
Draws a vertical line
Draws a circle (but not perfectly yet)
Balances on one foot
Puts on a T-shirt (with mommy's help, he can let his arms through the armhole)
Names one color (knows: red, yellow, blue, green, "oway-nge", purple, black, brown, black, white)
• Names one friend (his fave cousins: Achi Gianne, Siote Vince, Ate Oe & Gwen)

Child's Age
Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
31 and 32 months

• Recites own name (but it sounds like VINCE "e-yo" (LEO) "enedict" (BENEDICT) ONG :-)

Draws a circle

Puts on a T-shirt
Balances on each foot for a second
• Recognizes
Brushes teeth by herself (still with mommy's help, but he does have his own toothbrush)
• Uses two adjectives
Draws a cross
• Points to objects described by use
33 and 34 months Names one color
• Names one friend
• Carries on a simple conversation
• Alternates feet going up and down stairs
• Uses prepositions (e.g., on, in, over)
Speaks clearly most of the time (75 percent can be understood)
• Stacks eight blocks
• Is toilet trained during the day
• Wiggles thumb
• Expresses a wide range of emotions
Draws a stick figure
35 and 36 months • Describes how two objects are used
• Uses three to four
words in a sentence
• Names two actions (e.g., skipping, jumping) (his verbs: running, swimming, eating, jumping, hiding...)
• Hops and skips
• Follows a two- or three-part command
Separates fairly easily from parents
• Rides a tricycle
Balances on each foot for three seconds
Gets dressed without help


in BLUE - things he can do as of the moment

in PINK - my anecdotes :-)

in RED and highlighted with a YELLOW marker - things he has not learned yet

Monday, August 04, 2008

Paper Models

While looking for the Kumon workbooks a few months ago, I have come across some origami and paper models at NBS. The origami are of farm animals, sea creatures and safari types. I have bought a set but decided that to keep it for the meantime. They are way too advanced for my little boy to enjoy.

But these paper models are good ones to "play with". Mostly it was me who cut, pasted and assembled everything...but my little one is very much excited to see the final output. (I told him I am going to build him an airplane, hehe...and I guess that perked up his excitement!) So he was eagerly cheering me on and when I took quite a while to finish it...sorry the cutting & pasting part is a bit tricky for a self-confessed non-artsy like myself ha.. But as I have always said, I can do anything for my little boy...or at least I try to.

props: safety scissors and glue

here's the finished product: the AIRPLANE

Oh for this one, my little boy helped 'cut' the wheels using safety scissors :-) But for the truck, which we did on a different day...i think 2 days after he tore the plane into half. I was even amazed it lasted longer than a day, the way he was carrying it around and making it fly everywhere...even brought it to his Ah Ko's pharmacy to "show" it to her...his words! I bet it's just an excuse of his just so he can bring it with him as we are scheduled to visit my SIL that day. But I let him get away with it, so that he can also enjoy his first paper plane.

happy model of his paper plane ^_^


This time he was even less helpful as he is also distracted with his new toy...the race track his Daddy got him for his die-cast cars. But while I did all the cutting, he was hovering all over me. But the race track is simply more exciting, so he would just check in on me from time to time asking "Mommy...done?" aba! and he thinks it's easy doing these ha! I am quite amused. Made him help in attaching the wheels, as it is the last part. And he was proudly showng it off to his "twuck"

putting on the finishing touches...

He was saying "ride mommy" oh no! he seems to think i would fit in there, haha...but i soon realize that he was referring to the supplies he was putting into the truck. Oh! he meant them and not me. :-)) Even his die-cast cars went in for a "ride" too. A few days thereafter I soon found this little piece of art shredded into tiny little pieces by who else?...but my curious little boy who is just so fascinated with tearing apart every single paper he can get his hands on.

here are the other titles in these series...

I find these very cheap for a worthwhile activity Benedict and I can bond over. At least while waiting for the Kumon first step workbooks to arrive. It's sold at most NBS for Php 40+ per book.