Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cover Boys...

saw this while browsin' through someone else's multiply goes to Ms. Rowena Lei. Hope she doesn't mind my grabbing her contains pics of the two people whom i love the most

The two men in my life...

they're the ones in the upper right-most matching red shirts. Love you, guys!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Celebrity Look-Alike's so nice to know that my celebrity look-alikes are all gorgeous! Great compliment...vain lang jud, hahaha. This is something fun when you have nothing to do & have the spare time to log on the net. Check this out...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

ELFing it out...

Got this from a fellow member of Newlyweds At Work (Ayn & Loy Nicolas) who made the same presentation for her's something funny to add to the holiday festive atmosphere...

Click on the link below to see the Ong family "elfing" it'll never see Daddy Marlon, Mommy Bless & Baby Benedict groove this way in real life...hehehe

Happy holidays everyone...
Spread the love!!!

Online shopping

Got a few of my online purchases today. I got excited over a cute outfit for Benedict from Brussels Sprouts...will definitely post some of my cutiee's model pics. hehehe (love my own mommy!) Super-recommended this multiply site (Brussel's Sprouts), the owners-Charmaine & Rica are very accommodating & friendly..really went out of their way to please their customer. Will definitely watch out for their new items.

Funny story for the day...when the package arrived, i made Benedict try out his new outfit. He was a bit fussy so I thought he didn't like wearing the long-sleeves (understandable for little boys man sad jud right? , but he was fussing diay coz he wants to go inside the closet so he can see himself in the full-length mirror. GOSH!! Now, I didn't realize i have diay here a very vain son...hehe. The cute story doesn't end there, after his bath, tried out the Spiffies (got the Baby Grape flavor) on him. Yummy!!! I should know...Of course I tried it out myself first...always do that for your child, moms! Anyway, my Benedict so loved the tooth wipes that he cried when I am finished wiping his few pearls (he only has 9 1/2 ---4 up front, 4 down front, 1 molar on the right just completed its show & a molar on the left half-way out)...We had to delay the brushing (tooth wiping) process for a few minutes more just so he can enjoy the Spiffies longer. Great product!!!! I'm sure my hubby will now volunteer to do the tedious job of brushing Benedict's teeth. Whereas before we have to play the "catch-me-if-you-can" game pa before he sits on my lap for the brushing pa, maybe now we can cut down on the chasing part na...thanks Charmaine & Rica for bringing about the distribution of Spiffies.

Got also the Leap Frog Learning Drum & Phonics Radio i bought over Benedict so loved banging on the drum...& i so love that it's teaching him the alphabet in the process. We're so keen on buying "educational toys" for our little boy, inspite of being more costly, at least we're left with the knowledge that we are gently educating our baby. And what more could parents ask for right? In as much as we so love our precious bundles of joy, we only have a few precious moments with them before they are lured away from us by their peers and other more important stuffs na... might as well spend not only quality but quantity time with them too. And we prefer playing as teaching moments with our baby boy.

I only wish (i guess every parent feels this way) that my little boy will stay this way forever...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Online shopping

Christmas is so near but i still have to complete my gift shopping for family members...argg! i got so tired from roaming the mall yesterday...the queue to the cashiers are unbelievable these days. Seems like i'm not the only lazy one..hehe

I have done my share of online shopping too...mostly for my little boy, some toys on Ebay & a few clothes from Kiddie Couture & Brussel Sprouts. Absolutely gorgeous of budget jud ta!!! I get so excited waiting for the delivery of the purchases i've made. 2Go, LBC, Air21...they seem to be my bestfriend these days (hehe). My hubby would surely balk if he would know of some stuffs (new clothes for my little one) I have bought. But they are oh so adorable boy clothes...(picture a knitted vest get-up). Will definitely post new pics soon.

Later we plan to go to SM & have a family picture with Santa's hat . May gani i was able to convince Marlon to do this. I bought a Santa costume for Benedict & we plan to have him photographed in 'em too. Watch out for the little Santa's helper...

Merry Christmas everyone...

Monday, December 17, 2007

2nd Wedding Anniversary

We're having friends over for dinner tonight. It's an impromptu thing...haven't really planned on a party or something but when I called up an old officemate, it just kinda slipped ;-)

Marlon ordered lechon, dinuguan, fried chicken & beef with gravy anyway. And we have more than enough food for the family (Marlon's relatives only), so we figured why not invite some company over?

It's an instant mood-changer! Finished preparing 3 Pyrex-full of mango float after I had lunch a while ago. Now, am looking forward to a nice dinner with friends (whom I have sorely missed) and family members.

All is looking good...I can smell the fried shrimps with garlic & butter as I am typing on my laptop now...hmmm, it smells good...

I gotta go. Have to check on last-minute details. Softdrinks cooled? table set? Uh, the usual stuff... tah, tah

Oppps, I'll close this entry with this thought... 2 years ago, about this time we were in Waterfront busy having our dose of papparrazi-sticken "artista" moment..hehe. We just finished proclaiming our "I do's". It was a happy, kinda tired feeling all newlyweds experience. But it was a sweet moment worth savoring for a lifetime. A rare occassion where friends & family and everyone else who's important to me & Marlon were in attendance.

Cheers to all old married couples, not so old married people, newlyweds, engaged and new in a relationship couples!!!'s to a lifetime of togetherness for us all. God bless!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reviving my Blog Life...

gee, cant help but notice that the last post I've written here was exactly 2 years ago...really! I just got connected (my Smart Bro was installed earlier this afternoon) though I was using the wireless Bayantel prepaid connection for about a month now...but with the dial-up system, you can't expect to have a fast access...and with a toddler under my eye, there's not enough time to even upload our pictures.

As a start though, I practiced Ebay-ing...great start...I won in the first item i've bid but i lost in the other one. Now, I'm trying to post Benedict's pictures & videos since his first ultrasound, his first cry, his first few days, his first year along with a few milestones & accomplishments. I have a pretty tough job ahead of me. I intend to see to it that I get to post all his pics before the holiday season though para I'd be able to make a fresh start next year.

I have a new Multiply site to boast...though you can't find much there yet. I'm still in the process of uploading pics.

that's about it...I just felt like blogging about my reclaimed blog life..i didn't know i missed this until I had my internet connection once again. I deserve the Smart Bro.!!! :-)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My First Ebay Experience

As always the case, we win some...we lose some :-)

It's my first time to bid for an item in Ebay a few days ago (10 days to be exact). Tonight the bidding ends. To cut the story short, I was outbid for a few pesos... lesson learned? i should have upped my maximum bid..but as Marlon pointed out, it might not be meant for us

But I did win in a few hours bid also tonight. I made the bid earlier this evening & was pleasantly surprised when I got an email after dinner of my triumph...Big deal, I was the only bidder, hehehe

Oh well, there goes my 1st Ebay experience... maka-addict jud diay!

Glad my Smart Bro connection was installed today. It came handy in the last minute bidding. Though I still lose but I am empowered with a faster connection now. Watch out peepz. Oops, I shouldn't be carried away diay, Marlon warned me to watch my purchases..hehe. Nag-worry ang tig-bayad. hahaha