Wednesday, October 19, 2005

a full view of the pair I'll be trekking on ;-) Posted by Picasa

a closer look of my wedding shoes Posted by Picasa

week-end trip to Cebu

ola! just got back from my week-end shopping trip to Cebu, where I was able to book most of my weddng suppliers...

florist - Arlene Chiu of KAYE's (a darling Easternian, though older than us. But a Chinese as well so there's an instant connection plus trust, knowing that I am in good hands. So, all details in the reception was finalized. I find her so kind for agrreing to meet me at 8:30 am just so I can get the rest of my tasks done.

photo- Michael Manabat who goes by this tagline "Marry the right person, hire the right photographer, capture the magic forever..." Kinda like God has pointed me out to this person. I feel like I was being literally tapped on the back bec. of the word "MAGIC" (",)

well, that was my only major accomplishment for this trip. Hoping to finish the rest of the supplier bookings when we go back at the end of this month. Other things I bought:

my bridal shoes - got it from Bass, it's a simple ivory white strappy mule with a dainty ribbon on the front. will post pic soon. I fell in love with it the moment I've laid my eyes on it at the display glass in Ayala.

toasting flute- got a 4-piece set, just to be sure there are extras in case I break them. hmm, remember that I did break one of the 2 that we used for the beach prenup? hehe, clumsy me. or was that nervousness??

jewelry set- got my set with the help of a very generous w@wie who goes by the name IDA (thanks girl, you're heaven-sent!). haven't taken pics of it yet, but will do that soonest so I can post it here.

among others, i was also able to meet a prospective emcee, Rudinah (a friend of Ryan's). She's actually a very good one though I deferred hiring her as I am still thinking of getting a 6-man team of coordinator w/ an emcee included. anyway, I haven't brought it up w/ Marlon yet. also, I shuld have met with the band Auntie Belen has recommended to play during the reception. Unfortunately, Sarah Geronimo had a concert at Waterfront so they were not around for their usual gig. hmm, what else did I miss? Oh yes, I got to spend time with my sister & my niece, the only one who can trully melt my heart w/ her toothless grin. I stayed again at my cousin Chen's place. Theirs is really a warm home for me, even then & esp. now, that I badly need a place to stay for the sole trips I have to take for the wedding preps.

what's stressing me now is actually not the week-end trip itself, but the burden of unexpectd hitches... such as... my cousin, who's getting married this week-end will be wearing a gown exactly like mine (or so my cousin Yoyong had said). I mean I was not affected when he told me that we almost had the same design of wedding rings, but a GOWN? I wouldn't want to look like I borrowed hers for my wedding day noh? I was really devastated. I will be calling my couturier w/in the week to inform him that I won't have it that way. He has to change my design altogether. hayyy, frustrating!

well, there goes my week-end story...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

got our invitations

Jaja texted me yday that our invites are now ready for pick-up so I asked Sally to get it from her office today. We got na our 200 pcs. invites & started with the task of addressing the envelopes. Contrary to what most have done in addressing the invites (either thru hand calligraphy or handwritten) we had ours computer-printed. Though we both know that the norms should be addressing it in our own handwriting, Marlon & I both agreed that we want ours to be computer-printed.

So last night & tonight was spent addressing the outer invites ;-) Different kind of bonding for Marlon & me. We only managed to finish printing out his guests list & realized that he has so many business associates already that he consumed all 155 pcs. of our invites. yikes!!!

Now we have to place an extra 100 pcs. more for my guests. Actually we were even discussing pa if it's enough na to cover all our guests. Phew! I didn't know we have that many friends ;-)

faux wax seal mistake & lessons learned from it

We were in the process of trying to make our faux wax seal (aka colored gluestick stamp). Both Marlon & I took turns getting used to how to do it the right way (carefully following Glo's step-by-step guidelines). We started doing this since last Sat. pa using up more than 10 sticks of the transparent gluestick. Finally, Wednesday night, we thought we have perfected it enough to try using the gold seal already. To our dismay, the monogram can't be seen bec. of too much glitters. As in, palpak jud! I couldn't believe it! 100 pcs. of glittery gold-colored gluestick will be put to waste :-(
I was touched when I apologized to Marlon for not being able to foresee this one. And to think I was the one adamant to use the wax seal effect pa raba jud, for the "royal look". hehe. Marlon merely said that I need not apologize bec. he also knows that I wouldn't want to waste my money either, twas just a wrong choice. He then said that I place a new order for a PLAIN Gold-colored variety this time. And that I did, profusely looking for a supplier for this. I even posted Help! over w@w community but maybe all other brides to be are busy w/ their own preps also. Luckily, I still kept the contact #s of suppliers recommended before so I was able to source the needed gluestick from REGINA MERCADO yesterday. Tomorrow the gluesticks (all 150 pcs. of it) are scheduled to arrive na. Hay, some glitches...
But the good thing about this experience is that we were able to sort things out without hurting each other's feelings, dba? I really appreciate it that I didn't hear "sermon" instead an encouragement. I hope this is a good indication of our communication prowess. There is certainly a way to let the person know that she might be wrong (or did something wrong, even a smal detail like this) but it's not taken against her. Now, that's what I call LOVE! (",)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Marlon's shoes, honeymoon gift

I can now cross out from my list of things to buy the shoes of Marlon. Yesterday, we were able to shop at Florsheim. The personnel here in CDO Branch gave us a 5% discount bec. of the 3-day mallwide sale. Pretty nice noh? Plus he gave out his best wishes to us in advance ;-)

a few of my purchases yday included the tassels (for the mini wine) among others. If I finish dressing it up a bit, I'll definitely post here the result of my packaging out TY gift to our sponsors.

Incidentally, My Dad Alex informed us that he is giving us a honeymoon package (3D/2N) at Alegre Beach Resort in Cebu on Dec. 19-21. Yehey! Another reason for me to splurge on swim wear, hehe. Now I'm really thinking of buying myself a quality digicam so I can capture the beauty of the place.
will post here some pics taken by Erwin Lim of Alegre a few months back.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

things to accomplish (by October)...

-pick up Marriage License on Oct. 4 @ City Hall
-give out cloth to Tita Pet & Tita Julie
-buy tassel/cord for the wine
-continue with the dance practice every Tuesday & Thursday ;-)

-finalize lay-out & pay downpayment to florist
-meet w/ Michael & finalize booking on photo
-meet w/ band (ask help from Auntie Belen)
-meet w/ emcee (set appointment c/o Yoyong)
-shop for tiara & shoes
-look for ice carving & indoor fireworks supplier
-give out cloth to the rest of our sponsors who are Cebu-based

-1st fitting w/ Jude
-set appointment w/ Fr. Ben (Sacred Heart)
-attend Discovery Week-end on Oct. 28-30
-set prenup w/ Michael (or Erwin)
-book make-up for entourage (Grace's recommendee)
-allot time for ribbon-tying of souvenir items
-scout for travel agencies for honeymoon booking
-follow-up on Birth Cert.
-apply for passport

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Accomplishments (as of September)

paid P4K downpayment
in the process of finalizing our misalette
will meet w/ our officiant on Oct. 28
will ask for schedule of Canonical Interview in Nov.

paid P50K downpayment
finalized lay-out & menu
will schedule food tasting

paid P50K downpayment
done w/ all the sketches for the ento. dresses
done w/ the fitting of the lining
will have my first gown fitting on Oct. 28
follow-up on entourage who has not yet submitted their measurements
bought butterfly wings for the FG/wands for the Jr. BM(as early as Jan. pa)
Grace is beautifying the wings now :-)
will ask Jude to do the ring/arrhae/bible pillows according to my specs
look for my bridal shoes
as well as Marlon's shoes

gave out cloth to most of our Principal/Peer Sponsors along with the Save The Date cards I made myself :-)
send Save The Date cards to the rest of the Male Sponsors & members of the entourage
will gave out the cloth to the rest of the barkada & my other Titas in Cebu on Oct. 15

paid P11K downpayment
had our prenups by the beach
will have to submit pa our pictures to Teddy

still can't decide between Michael Manabat or Erwin Lim
will have to make a list of must-take shots

had trial make-up w/ RAMIL SOLIS & paid downpayment of P2K
will schedule trial make-up w/ Grace's recommendee (for ento's make-up)

have the guest's giveaways na.
just need to beautify the package so will tie ribbons to match our motiffs. Grace bought this for me na ;-)
bought the gifts for our PS too
buy tassels/cord for the mini wine
still looking for ento's gifts

paid P10K downpayment
will have it by end of Sept. or early Oct.
ordered another set of 100pcs. as addt'l.
received na our wax stamper to complete the royal look of our invites
will but transparent gluestick forst so we can try using it for our faux wax seal

paid P10K downpayment @ Waterfront for the bridal preps

finalized design & paid P3K downpayment for our castle cake
look for floral icing (gerbera, stargazer & carnation)
or plastic imported flowers @ Ayala

ordered a new set @ SUAREZ w/c had turned out way, way more beautiful than the 1st one :-)

paid P3K downpayment
will still have to choose songs from the list they have provided

will have to work on this pa

still scouting for one
will have to plan the program

will hire one w/ violin, keyboard & flute plus vocalists on the package na
probably look for a harpist pa gihapon (we find it cute to have one)

bought the "Unity Coins" for our arrhae
asked Auntie Heny to buy "carriage" ring holder
bought ring & arrhae holder at Oceanic (in case Auntie Heny won't be able to buy the carriage ring holder)
bought bells at Oceanic for the Bell Girls too
thinking of having the "garter" done as in DIY

A Step-by step Guide on How to Make a Faux Wax Seal -- by GLO

This was posted by the ever-creative GLO on her blog after I've left an inquiry on her tagboard few weeks ago. WOW!!! touched naman ako... star na ko sa blog ni Glo. hahaha. THANK YOU from the ottom of my heart, girl! God bless!

Faux Wax Seal - How to Make (For Bless)Materials and tools needed:

Faux wax sticks in color of your choice

Brass, pewter, ceramic, or rubber seal

Clear embossing stamp pad or
a piece of cloth or cotton saturated in baby oil

Low-temp mini glue gun

(your faux wax sticks can be used in a hot melt (regular) glue gun for other crafting purposes, but the faux wax will come out very thin and difficult to use for making seals)


STEP 1. Insert the faux wax stick into glue gun and plug in. Do not begin to make the seals until the faux wax has had the chance to heat for several minutes! Caution! Even with a low-temp glue gun, the melted faux wax and the nozzle of the glue gun are very hot and can cause burns! Do not touch while in use!

STEP 2. Slightly wet the seal with the embossing ink or baby oil. This will help prevent the seal from sticking to the paper and make a very clear impression.

STEP 3. To make wax seals directly on the stationery or envelope, squeeze a small mound of faux wax onto the place where you want the seal to be.

STEP 4. Slowly, press the wet seal firmly into the faux wax to create an impression, wait for a few seconds and then remove.

(You may have to experiment on a scrap of cardboard or paper to get the amount of faux wax just right. There should be enough on the paper so that a small ridge of faux wax is pressed out all around the sides of the seal, but not so much that the seal is too thick and bulky. The brass seal I used to test this project is approximately 3/4 inch wide, and it worked best with a blob of faux wax the size of a raisin.)

If you are afraid to damage the paper or making errors, make your seals in the back of a non-stick baking sheet/pan, release after cooling and paste into your envelopes using clear glue.

PHOTO: clockwise from top: Materials, step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4, impression using a rubber stamp, impression using a brass seal.

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