Friday, December 26, 2008

Benedict's First Stage Performance :)

Benedict’s first time ever to go onstage himself!

This is the Christmas show the kids from Smart Start Academy had labored as a tribute to their parents…All of 2 weeks of practice had paid off. Each one is a star in his own right.

I was actually not quite optimistic that my dear Benedict will cooperate as he had been simply running around during their final practice in the morning. He was more interested with the yellow flower balloon he was holding. And I just let him be. Subtly psyching him up to perform by promising him a small wind-up Percy train to add to his collection, and another Percy train, this time a big one to match his Thomas & the James train he got from yesterday’s Christmas party…that is, if he will recite, sing & dance…Hahaha J Talk about bribery!

He was whining during the morning practice though L much to his Daddy’s dismay. Marlon even suggested that we skip the program in the afternoon altogether, convinced that Benedict is just too young & not up to it. I was able to convince him though that it will still be a good exposure for the little boy even if he wont actually be up to perform at all. He let me win!

During practice…

with cuties Ysa (left pic) and little Ericka (right pic), his classmates!

So at 3:30pm, we are headed to the Activity Area of SM, where most of Benedict’s schoolmates & their family are gathered already.

Their first task is to stay put for the prayers and to stand still for the National Anthem. Given that the kids age range from 1 1/2 – 6 year olds, it is a tall order to just make them stand. J

Dressed as an elf for a play…

I have to contend myself to watch in the sidelines while his nanny & the driver helped him get dressed. I cant go near him lest he start whining.

Making chika with an older kid from nursery…

He is part of a Christmas play where a kangaroo is crying looking for his Mommy, when Santa Claus came by (along with his little elves) to cheer him up. And a few other kangaroos came too. In the end, the young kangaroo was reunited with his mom.

I guess it was the right thing to left him under the teachers care & Yaya’s supervision…here’s a few shots of my grinning imp.

Benedict’s part is so tiny. And he merely have to follow Santa, along with his other classmates in elf costume. But my heart swelled with pride and my eyes got watery when I saw him onstage. Hahaha


Backstage shot of the gremlin, oppps…elf diay, hehe

A pose with his fave Teacher Christie,

who’s amazing power to psych up the toddlers to give charming performances simply amazes me!

He is part of a chorale serenading us with the Christmas Alphabet, Jingle Bell Rock and a few more jolly Christmas carols.

They are now dressed in adorable Santa Claus costume.

Another part he is supposed to do is to recite the ABCs of Christmas. He didn’t actually get around to reciting it. I am contented that he was sitting down on his chair and he came up to the microphone when his Teachers (Loudette & Christie) called him up.

In reality, he was good at practice, hehe…and that’s good enough for me. His line goes like this:

“G is for greetings

A merry ‘hello’

With a heart full of love

For people we know

And for the finale, the kids all went onstage again this time singing & dancing to the tunes of 12 days of Christmas and a few other cool modern dances.

There are so many joys only mommy-hood can bring!

I am sure the rest of the parents were as proud as we had been. It may not be much of a performance from our little elf and miniature Santa Claus, but we are sooo proud and happy just seeing him onstage. Hahaha

Thanks too to my ever-supportive SIL, Ate Dulce and her hubby, Kuya Edwin…who took time off his uber busy schedule just to watch their nephew stand on stage. J

Merry, merry Christmas to all!

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