Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unconditional Love

I haven't been blogging for more than a year. Not that there had been less exciting stuffs to write about.
On the contrary, there were far too many exciting developments especially in the family as we adjusted to the new member - our little angel.

But I had also been far too engrossed in child-rearing that inspite of my 2 yayas, I still find that 24 hour timeline is way too short, no exaggerations! for a stay at home mom like me. Perhaps I am just not good with time management :( Perhaps, I have just been enjoying my kids & their activities waaaay too much.

I didn't actually think of this as a problem....until I realized that me & my husband had been slowly drifting apart. I mean aside from the daily activities of our kids, what to eat, what to shop, where to go malling? these things are the only stuffs we talk about over dinner. And not to mention rushing...and rushing...and rushing!!!

Got me so tired (and pissed!) that one day it suddenly just came to a boiling point...

When I was at that state when I was declaring a "cold war", I came across a book I have purchased so long ago from Amazon. Its from Dr. Gary Chapman " The Five Love Languages". Its nothing short of being amazing!!! I've had one too many lightbulb moments while reading this book.

I was desperate to talk to someone and discuss my marital woes, but inspite of myself and my growing misery, I just dont have the heart to bring it up with my closest friends, nor with my sister, and especially not from my parents. So this book was a blessing at that particular time. Not only did it shift my paradigm, but it actually made me realize the mistakes I, myself had been doing both to my husband and our marriage.

Today, I do not say that we have a perfect union, but we have been through some difficult moments, and getting here to where we are right now... its beautiful to tell the world of how we love each other, still... and inspite of each other's shortcomings. After all isnt love all about being unconditional? :)

I just love this quote my old high school friend shared from her hubby's card...

And I wish to dedicate this to the one man who has captured my heart...

"When we fell in love, I gave you my heart.
When we got married, I gave you my word.
As long as I live, I will give you my love."

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