Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are We or Are We Not???

The big question is...
Are we or are we not....
for the second time around??!!!

Kit #1 :)

Kit # 2 (am getting skeptical...the second line is too faint)

But didn't they say that there is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant? hahaha :D

This is how the 2 kits look like when put beside each other...

We're definitely going to see an OB tomorrow. Meantime, I just can't contain my excitement :)

I hope this is not a false alarm. I am not raising my hopes too high.
Since I have a PCOS case, I was advised by my OB to actually start a cycle of Duphaston & Clomid last month. But since we are due to leave for HK when I got back from my check-up in Cebu, we decided to forego the first cycle and simply go second honeymooning, hehe :)

The thing is...i forgot when my last menstruation was. I am definite I had it last November and in January again. But as to the exact date, I am not certain. hay, the downside of not having a regular 28-day cycle.

All my instincts are saying that I am indeed again preggy, but you know how a woman can be misguided when one wants to have a child again. Talk about being desperate, haha :D

I might get a blood test tomorrow, just to be sure.

to God be the glory!!!!