Thursday, November 13, 2008

no school for Benedict :(

Benedict just got better from bronchitis. We were sooo scared last week as his fever wont go down from 38C-39C level (reaching as high as 39.6C). We had him tested for possible dengue, typhoid fever and UTI (as this is the most common ailments associated w/ very high grade fever). When his CBC result came, his WBC is a bit high indicating that he may have had infection. So urine test was done. Thankfully, it's not a case of UTI. So his pedia diagnosed it as viral infection and prescribed antibiotics (Augmentin) for him as well as advised nebulizing him w/ salbutamol (Ventolin) & mucolytic (Ambroxol) round the clock.

It is very disheartening to see our child suffering. I fight every urge to cry, remembering only to save my strength for the inevitable no-sleep nights. I instead found solace in praying the rosary at whatever time of the night or day. I dont have much to do anyway but look at my little boy or hold him in my arms when I am fearing that I might be too sleepy and his temperature will rise higher.

It is at times like this when my love for Marlon soars twice, if not nearly thrice over. Bec. I know for a fact that he is not a late-night type of person. And he dreaded being awaken in the middle of the night for anything just as I hate it when someone would wake me up early mornings. But he selflessly took over the watching duties when I couldn't bear it another minute. I guess this must be how our parents felt when we were sick ourselves. Haay! I just hated the fact that we can't do anything to make my Benedict feel much better soonest. Perhaps Gods way of teaching me (yet again!) how to patiently wait for His time.

On a brighter note, Benedict is far better now...his last day for his antibiotics will be tomorrow. And except for the occassional bouts of coughing and his obvious loss of weight, one cannot see a trace of the nightmare we have all endured in the last week.

We will be visiting his pedia again tomorrow. But I am confident that he will only be prescribed a cough medication at most. He is also as bubbly, vibrant & energetic as ever. Not a trace of being sick really, personality-wise.

The downside of this is missing school for more than a week. His coughing started Thursday last week and I immediately made him miss school that day...which proved to be the right decision as his condition turned worse with the fever episode starting that same night too. He also missed their FIELD TRIP to nearby Aviary in Opol.

His teachers (Christie) and owner Kerby were so sweet to have texted me asking the whereabouts of my little boy when he was still absent on Monday. I quickly texted both of them to apologize forgetting to inform them of Benedict's condition. Haay! I am such a newbie mom of a preschooler.

This week I occupied my little munchkin with his crayons and puzzles, as well as his books to take away his boredom of being cooped inside the house. Good thing, Kerby also gave me the songs from their school. At least, in small ways...he also didn't miss school as much. And this also gave us more bonding time. His Daddy bought more Megabloks Diego sets for him to complete most of his blocks. We only lack the safari set now. We intend to get him that as Santa's gift for Christmas na.

Speaking of which, we were able to put up the Christmas tree and some more of the holiday decors out too. yey! I have to make a separate post about it soon...when I shall have completed decorating our home.

Still, on the subject of's a few pics of my Benedict taken last Tuesday. His first time to wear his UNIFORM.

I got so excited seeing him in uniform for the first time! hehe...

close-up :)

a pose with mom first ...

smile! :D

It pains me to see his pics here. He has lost almost a kilo of his weight in this picture. So sad! Although, he is slowly regaining his weight as of the moment. And I have changed his milk to Pediasure Plus as of the moment (mixed with his usual Enfagrow) to help boost his immune as well as regain his ideal weight faster.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

LF: Emily Giffin Books

Just taking a chance here...

I saw these titles while browsin thru Shelfari. Looks interesting...Am looking for EMILY GIFFIN authored books, particularly:

  • Something Borrowed
  • Something Blue
  • Baby Proof
  • Love The One You're With

Best if you have all four at once. It will save me a lot on shipping :D

I dont mind second-hand, as long as not dirty. =D I want real books, i still have to figure out how i can lug around a laptop so I can go for e-books :D

thanks in advance!

Happy Halloween!!!

Sharing with you our pics from our first trick-or-treating experience with Benedict.

He wore a little boy pumpkin costume.

Enjoy! ;-D

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