Friday, February 25, 2005

My Day!

dining out w/ friends on my birthday! Posted by Hello
Today I turn 28!

Dad Alex & Herbert (Marlon's fave friend) came over to celebrate w/ us on our Marlon & my birthday last Feb. 23 & 24, respectively. This photo was taken by my Dad Alex, the ever-famous personal photographer?? of ours who had captured beautiful pictures of our previous trips.

Do we look happy? U bet!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

10 months to go...

Less than 10 months away from our big day, and here I am cramming for the preparations. Don't know where to start.

From Opposite Ends...

I am quoting my all-time fave writer Danielle Steel. Go ahead and fall in love...

From opposite ends
of the earth
we came,
our bags,
our treasures,
our laughter,
From opposite ends
of the city
we came,
from different points
where we
once stood,
so near,
yet far apart.
From opposite ends
of the world
we came,
silent and cautious,
From opposite ends
of a lifetime
we came,
and found
a breath
of magic
in between.
From opposite ends
of a kiss
we come,
to hold
each other
a starry sky.
From opposite ends
of a heart
we smile,
two lives
into one.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

W@W Unity Coins

When I started discovering this yahoo group, I surfed the net to my heart's content. As in other newbies who had only discovered that there is a whole world of possibilities out there, I get to sleep at 2am, stopping only when I realize that I'm getting migraine attacks for being exposed to the monitor for so long (hehehe, talk about being addicted to surfing). Anyway, one of the things I discovered are the unity coins, though at first I thought it's only available in the States. Boy, was I ever glad when I saw it being advertised at Weddings at Work website. What am I waiting for? Sent Benz a message (via KanChiu group as I was not yet enrolled in the w@w yet). Benz was quick to reply & we arranged the sending of my unity coins including the freebies she gave me (desktop calendar, Little Kan Chiu book & Bride's Primer). I was happy with my coins! Although I wont really be using it in the ceremony (coz Marlon's mom left them w/ 2 sets of old coins as arrhae na) but I will definitely include it sa pictorial. I remember even posting a comment about it sa w@w. Benz is really kind and accommodating & quick to reply to my queries. I would definitely recommend brides-to-be to get the unity coins.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Our 9th (and final) Anniversary...

Yah, it's V-day and all but beyond that, it's also our 9th Anniversary today. I know, i know some of you might have different reactions towards the date ranging from HHhhhwwwatt??? you answered him "yes" on Valentines Day? How mushy can you get. It's like I did a crime for choosing to be Marlon's girl on this particular day 9 years ago..well, some others (like a particular cousin of his) certainly likes the idea of celebrating their anniv. on V-day (too much that she even thought of breaking up with his then-bf & getting back on V-day just so they can change their anniv. hehehe.

Well, today is more than just our 9th Anniversary because it's also going to be our last.. because I won't just be his gf next year, silly. I'll be his WIFE...(exciting!)

Anyway, I'm off to office or I'll be late. I'm looking forward to our dinner later.
Happy Love Day!!! mwah.